After weeks of fasting, prayer and reflection, Muslims will close out Ramadan with Eid-ul-Fitr; the Muslim “Festival of Breaking the Fast”. The first of two key Muslim festivals, Eid-ul-Fitr celebrates the end of a successful period of fasting, prayer and reflection as well as the renewal of one’s relationship with God. In addition to congregational prayers and thanksgiving, Muslims feast, share their meals, give charity and visit friends and family. Eid is also a period of self-expression as many Muslims wear their best outfits. As social media trends like #BlackOutEid show, Eid style and modest fashion among the Black muslim community is as varied as the global Muslim community.

Modest fashion – which emphasises simplicity and elegance – is quickly becoming a staple as many Ghanaian Muslims diversify from local or African print fashion to include Arab and Asian style influences. African modest fashion designers and entrepreneurs have also cropped up to meet the demand for trendy and versatile modest fashion. No where is this more evident than Instagram.

Yet to figure out your Eid style or looking to try something new in modest fashion? These 10 Instagram accounts in Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal offer some serious Eid style inspiration for women, men and children.


Putting the luxury in modest fashion is Reigans; a leading modest fashion brand in Ghana that offers one-of-a-kind kimonos and abayas for special occasions. They also stock a range of stylish modest pieces including tops, dresses and pants for everyday wear and two-piece matching sets for professionals. Their newest Ramadan collection, aptly named the Luxe Fab Line, features bold colours, intricate embroidery, weaving and beading meant to highlight simplicity and elegance – all the Eid style inspiration you need! Looking to take modest fashion to work? Their suit sets are a perfect choice for the professional woman.

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MOD’s “Hidden Jewels” modest capsule collection is a great example of why we should each try something new in fashion. The Ghanaian brand combines its afro-fusion roots with a desire to explore new perspectives on fashion, resulting in an elegant collection. Need a statement piece to complete your modest fashion attire? Look no further than MOD’s textured African print and silk kimonos. Their Ramadan-inspired collection also offers great ideas on how to re-style or re-purpose existing fashion pieces in a modest way. Find out all about MOD’s “Hidden Jewels” collection, produced in collaboration with Circumspecte and modest fashion stylist and blogger Shiella Yakubu.

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Tongoro Studio

There’s a reason this young Senegalese design house has caught the attention of the likes of Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Naomi Campbell: their unapologetically African fashion pieces exude strength, comfort and femininity. With their vivid prints, patterns and bold colors, Tongoro’s jumpsuits, maxi dresses, ensembles, bags, skirts, and pants are works of art and can be styled for the perfect Eid outfit. Their Ngor dress is reminiscent of local fashion in the predominantly Muslim West African country, while their Damaris dress offers a more modern look. Tongoro’s recently launched Mogö men’s wear collection also offers simple, yet classy everyday styles for men who know how to rock a solid print. Two-piece lovers can’t go wrong with their bold Zanzi kimono ensemble, while the Zaza jumpsuit is sure to leave an impression. Looking to go all out? Shop for a matching Tongoro handbag to complete the look. And yes – Tongoro ships worldwide.

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House of Fab

In search of the perfect abaya? House of Fab has you covered with a range of stylish high-end abayas, veils, kimonos and dresses; each hand selected from Dubai for their quality and style. From beaded outfits to embroidery and prints, you should be all set for an unforgettable fashion moment with their Eid Collection. They also have modest fashion for children aged 2-12 years. As a plus, House of Fab stocks the perfect accessories to style your outfit to perfection and also offers jalabiya styles for men. Already sorted for Eid? Check back during the year for every day modest fashion.

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Noor Official

From the beautiful veils to the lace layered abayas, layered skirt dresses and gold embroidered matching sets, it’s quite easy to tell why Noor Official’s Ramadan and Eid Collections are ones to watch. Noor Official specialises in hand beaded bridal hijabs, turbans, bridal head gear and dresses. Looking beyond Eid? Check out their casual and dressy modest fashion outfits, including jumpsuit-kimono sets, full length skirts, abaya-kimono sets, and pants for your day to day, in both retail and wholesale quantities.

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Pink Fleur

This Abuja-based Nigerian brand is known for its ready-to-wear clothing, bespoke tailoring and bridal wear for the contemporary African woman who appreciates chic and effortless fashion. Choose from a variety of cheerful and versatile pieces including collared boubous, blouses, skirts, kimonos, pants, tunics and dresses and have them shipped to you wherever you are – yes, even Ghana! They also stock raw silk scarves – the perfect complement to your modest outfit.

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Indulge with Suhuyini

If mixing and matching is your thing, you’ll like Indulge with Suhuyini’s designs. The Suhyini style is aptly described as a rare incorporation of fabulous and chic, which fuses different fabrics to create detailed and Africa-inspired modest outfits. For both special occasions or  everyday activities, their ready-to-wear clothing exude contemporary African fashion and designs.

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Queen’s Wardrobe Wear

As the name goes, Queens Wardrobe wear is a modest fashion brand determined to make you feel like a queen or princess. Been looking high and low for children’s modest wear? They’ve got you sorted. Have a thing for fringes, sequins or bold patterns? Your wish is their command. Check out their matching sets and find the perfect abaya or dress for yourself or your child  this Eid ul-Fitr and beyond.

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Senegalese fashion house takes modest fashion to the next level with exquisitely tailored Africa-inspired outfits for both men and women. Their recent Diewo collection features bold colours, intricate embroidery and luxe fabrics beautifully sewn into kaftans, tunics, dresses, capes, boubous and so much more. A real box of modest fashion inspiration for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

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Zhamani Closet

If you love exquisite beadwork and bold prints, Zhamani Closet might just be your new treasure trove. Choose from their selection of two-piece jumpsuits, kimonos, abayas, gowns, dresses or matching sets to complement your chosen Eid style.

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Carter’s Kaftans

Fancy a princess moment for this year’s Eid celebrations? Carter’s Kaftans boasts a luxury selection of hijabs, abayas and dresses to fulfil your Eid style needs. You can also check out their everyday wear which includes chic choices for the professional woman. Know someone who likes a good kaftan? Consider getting them a Carter’s Kaftan piece as a gift.

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There you have it – all the eid style inspiration you need to find or jazz up your outfit for Eid-ul-Fitr. Any specific brands or modest fashion styles catch your eye? Know others that should be on this list? Leave a comment and let us know. Have a happy Eid celebration – Eid Mubarak, Dewenati, Barka da Sallah, Ni Ti Yun Pali!

This list was compiled by Germaine Bombande & Jemila Abdulai, and originally published by Follow Circumspecte on Instagram for more Africa-inspired content.

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