The holidays are rolling in, and with it, the gift-giving season. Practically everyone loves receiving presents; but finding a thoughtful gift can be a hassle: Is it affordable? Does it match their personality? Will they even notice? How can one make it extra special? Thankfully,  you can come up with a plethora of gifts that are not only creative, but also support local startups and the Ghanaian economy.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend or significant other, a little something to reward the kids, a gesture of gratitude for your colleagues, or something for the entire family – this list is bound to have something for you. Look out for the Circumspecte discount with select brands – our gift of gratitude to our wonderful readers and community!





Gift Type: Beauty / Family Friendly / Unisex / Gives Back / Corporate

Kaeme by Fabulously Fit and Fine (Fab Fit Fine) is Accra’s best kept secret when it comes to top-notch beauty products – and a personal favorite. You can’t go wrong with their range of shea butter and black soap beauty products when it comes to gift ideas; each is carefully crafted with delicious scents and fragrances unlike any other. From goji (guava berry), lavender and citrus to sandalwood for the guys, you and your entire family will be leaving your “stubborn, smelly shea butter” days in 2016. If a smile is what you’re expecting, their creative and personalized packaging will have your intended recipient doing just that. Great for the kids, for Christmas, birthdays, wedding gifts or just because. The best part? Fabulously Fit and Fine’s shea butter and black soap are sourced from women’s cooperatives right here in Ghana. Now that’s one gift that keeps giving.

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Green Basket

Gift Type: Food / Family Friendly / Unisex / Gives Back / Corporate

Know someone who has “get fit” on their 2017 resolution list? This one’s for them! From fresh greens and vegetables to delicious fruit juices, herbs and healthy snacks delivered right to your doorstep, Green Basket brings the healthy to gift ideas. Help your loved ones achieve their fitness goals with a Green Basket weekly or monthly subscription, delivered fresh from local Ghanaian farms. Give an invaluable gift: good health and life.

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57 Chocolate

Gift Type: Food / Family Friendly / Corporate 

Chocolate with high cocoa content has many great health benefits; with 57 Chocolate’s delicious range, there’s more than enough to go around! Indulge in the decadent creativity of their dark, milk and white chocolates while learning about Ghana’s Adinkra symbols and history. Better still, make a New Year’s countdown event out of it and share it with your loved ones; you’ll be more than ready to launch into 2017 with that 1957 “can do” spirit. Doctor’s orders.

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Gift Type: Fashion / Unisex / Gives Back

It’s been a long year and you probably know someone who deserves a unique treat. Raffia offers tasteful, simple and stylish contemporary women’s wear and men’s accessories – all in Northern Ghana’s signature handwoven batakari (Northern kente) cloth. Whether it’s for the office or that end of year party with the family, this is your best bet. Make a statement in 2017 while contributing to sustainable livelihoods for women. Find Raffia at Elle Lokko (50% off) in Osu, Accra and ask about the 2017 Capsule Collection. Still curious? Read our interview with Raffia founder.

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Gift Type: Fashion / Unisex / Gives Back

Life, they say, is all about perspective. Wearing the right eyewear could just put you in the right frame of mind for 2017. Into compelling woods or kaleidoscope colors? Looking to bring some edge into your prescribed lenses or gift ideas? There’s a Bohten for you! You’ll not only be walking off looking dabber, you’d also have contributed to Sightsavers’ essential work in Ghana and beyond. Talk about giving back!

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Adorn Jewelry

Gift Type: Fashion / Unisex 

Make an everlasting impression this season; let Adorn Jewelry turn your choice of silver and gold into a personalized gift of beauty and happiness. Bracelets, cuff links, earrings, pendants, and rings of all types (wedding and costume) – there’s something for grandma, your partner, sibling, child or even yourself. Give the gift that symbolizes everlasting love.

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Gift Type: Artsy / Unisex 

Sometimes all it takes is the right words to get the message across, other times, only Ghanaian language and references will do. However you want to send on your season’s greetings, Yobbings is there to help you deliver. Take a look, there’s more than meets the eye with this range of creative, witty and unapologetically Ghanaian greeting cards.

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Sena Ahadji

Gift Type: Artsy / Unisex / Family Friendly / Corporate

When it comes to unique gift ideas, it takes thinking outside the box. That’s where Sena Ahadji comes in. From customized coconut crafts and ceramics, to art and illustrations, Sena brings the personal into gift-giving. Got a mildly used tray,  bowl or teapot? She’ll spruce it up. Want something a bit more edgy? Her beautifully designed coconut containers, money savers, and pepper bowls will make your creative gift idea come alive. Go the extra mile, and your gift recipient will certainly smile.

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Gift Type: Experience / Unisex / Corporate / Family Friendly

The gifts that outlive their lifetimes are the ones that birth memories. Delve within, get a yoga class pass from NamasteYoga and discover just how wonderful the human body and spirit are. Looking for some gear? Namesteyoga also offers yoga accessories (mats, towels, straps). Alone, with another, in a group, with the kids – however you want it, their open level and private yoga classes are bound to leave an impression. Try something new this season.

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Gift Type: Experience / Unisex / Corporate / Family Friendly

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So there you have it, some inspiration to get you started on that awesome gift for your family, friends and loved ones! Got any other ideas? Leave a comment and share with us!


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  1. Thanks for the outstanding gift ideas presented here, but i think small electronic gadgets could also be listed here as these days people love to be engaged with their electronic gadgets as well and many retailers are selling smartphones with special offer & deals of buy 1 get 1 free so why don’t we take the benefits of these offers and please our friends & family with the unique gifts.

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