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We’re here to help you thrive with digital.

As a digital platform and company with over 10 years’ worth of experience navigating the digital sphere in Africa, we know a thing or two about thriving with digital. We also know how important it is to have the right team, tools, and resources as you embark on your own digital journey – and that’s why we exist. Africa-oriented brand, product, service, professional or entrepreneur in need of content marketing, digital skills trainings, social media marketing or another digital or strategic communications service? See our full service offerings below and/or request a service. You can also take a look at our Digital Service Catalogue. We’re here to help you thrive with digital.

Thrive With Digital – Circumspecte 2020 Service Catalogue by Circumspecte

Digital Skills Trainings & Online Courses

Since 2015, we have successfully trained over 1,000 professionals, entrepreneurs, SMEs and organisations looking to gain a digital edge in Africa on everything from social media marketing, to effective digital storytelling and fundraising with digital tools. Submit a service request form below to request your own personalised training with Circumspecte. Not quite sure where to begin?

Content Creation & Marketing

In this digital era, creative advertorials, quality content and strategic digital marketing go a long way in helping companies and brands build engagement with the right audiences. We have a track record in effective digital storytelling and creating original and authentic content and campaigns that have impact. We look forward to working with Africa-oriented brands that align with our values, mission and vision. Explore some of our previous client work here and view our media kit.

Full List of Service Offerings

We offer a range of primarily digital strategic communication, training and advisory services, as listed below. With the personal involvement of our founder Jemila Abdulai, we guarantee quality delivery of all our services. Our goal is to help you thrive with digital and connect your brand to the right customers, clients and audiences in Ghana, Africa and the Diaspora. Services below :

Digital Services:

  • Digital Strategy & Campaign Design 
  • Digital Skills Trainings (Personalised) – Social Media, Blogging, Digital Storytelling, etc
  • Digital Content Creation & Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Event Production & Coverage

Strategic Communication Services:

  • Development Communications
  • Economic Policy Writing & Research
  • Proofreading & Copyediting
  • Market Research: Desktop, Interviewing, Focus Groups
  • Creative Direction & Advisory

How may we be of service?

Whether you’re clear on your needs or yet to figure it out, we’re here to offer our best advise, skills and resources. Request our services by filling the form out below. We look forward to doing business with you.

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