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        Circumspecte recognized as a top Africa blog in the Africa Blogger Awards 2016

          On June 3, 2016, the winners of the 2016 African Blogger Awards were announced via Twitter – and Circumspecte was recognized as a top Africa blog with “world class content” for not one, but two categories: business, finance and entrepreneurship and social issues and citizenship! The African Blogger Awards detracts from using peer nominations …

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          Five Questions to Help You Decide On a New or Used Car in Ghana

          By GERMAINE BOMBANDE Have you recently decided to buy a car in Ghana? If so, your head is probably spinning with many questions – some of which you might not have considered before. Buying a car requires some serious thought and research, especially when purchasing online from big e-commerce platforms like Tonaton. Here are five …

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                  Guest Contribution by Germaine Bombande: Social Media – The New Rage

                  Studying interactions on social media is akin to converging focus groups on very pertinent issues within our society. From business promotion to culture display, social media has become a platform for showcasing all things African. It therefore comes as no surprise that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are becoming a hub for discussing …