Accra may not be West Africa’s fitness capital, but there are a growing number of gyms in the Ghanaian capital. If getting into a gym is one of your goals for your year, our guide to 20 Accra-based gyms and fitness centres is for you! From the low-budget open air gyms with a communal feel to the high-end and pricier fitness centres with state of the art facilities, it’s all in here. Whether you’re looking to exercise alone, with a personal trainer, your partner, colleagues or the entire family, we’ve got the details. Find out which gyms are close to you; what facilities and services they offer; and where you can get the most value out of your cedis.

Gyms in East Legon, Madina & Adenta Area

Total Fitness Health Club

Hours: Monday – Friday 5:30am – 9pm; Saturday 7am – 7pm; Sunday 10am – 5pm

Location: A&C Mall (Directions)

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵₵): 200 – 450 GHS / month

Credit: Total Fitness Health Club

Gym Essentials: Swimming Pool, Student Packages, Flexible Payment Plans

A one-stop shop for all your fitness needs, the Total Fitness Health Club at A&C Mall features state of the art facilities with exciting programs to match. Sign up for their cardio kick, body conditioning, jogging fit, body pump, circuit programs, taekwondo or any of their aerobics and African dance sessions. Love water sports? Their new aqua aerobics class is one to check out. Their prices range from 425 GHS per month to 2551 GHS for a year. Want to go mid-way on commitment? Take advantage of their 20% off deal on three- and six-month subscriptions. Want even more flexibility pricing-wise? Ask about their peak, off peak, student, swimming and two week subscriptions. They also have specials for corporate employees and folks looking to meet their fitness goals within 10 or 15 sessions. Still can’t find your thing? Working with one of their dedicated personal trainers may be what you need.

Connect with Total Fitness: Facebook / Instagram / Website

Gold’s Gym Ghana

Hours: Open 24 / 7

Location: East Legon (Directions)

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵): 216 – 450 GHS / month

Gym Essentials: 24-Hour Service; Nutritionist; Certified Trainers, Referral Program, Swimming Pool

Credit: Gold’s Gym Ghana

Gold’s Gym aims to help their clients become their best around the clock. They offer two main membership options – the peak and weekend which give 24 / 7 gym access and 24-hour weekend gym access respectively. A monthly peak package costs 300 GHS while a weekend package goes for 200 GHS. For 420 GHS and 765 GHS, one can secure a three-month weekend and monthly membership. Each package includes free health assessments, personal training, aerobic classes, and rehabilitation services. Gold’s gym also offers the services of a medical assistant, nutritionist and certified trainers who can attend to specific needs. Corporation, couple of family looking to work out together? Ask about their packages. Trying to get your friends to join the fit fam? You’ll receive a free personal training session for a referral and a free membership for five referrals. Do so by March 2019 and you could be one of the first to take a dip in their new swimming pool.

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Sel Fitness Club

Hours: Monday – Friday 4:30am – 9pm, Saturday 7am – 4pm

Location: Madina (Directions)

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵₵): 166 – 300 GHS / month (30 GHS registration fee)

Gym Essentials : Student & Couples Packages, Medical Assessments, Sauna, Massage

Sel’s aim is to make fitness the way of life for their clients with workouts like spin class, aerobics, ab & core sessions and kickboxing classes. Walk-in for 30 GHS or sign up for a monthly subscription with 300 GHS. You can also opt for the three-month subscription at 765 GHS or the 2000 GHS yearly option. Prefer to pay by session? 400 GHS will grant you gym access for 15 sessions over three months. Students and couples looking to start a fitness regiment will be particularly interested in their specials like the three-month student and couples specials which go for 530 GHS and 1300 GHS respectively. There are also one-month packages for couples and students at 450 GHS and 200 GHS GHS respectively. Membership perks include electrocardiogram tests, medical assessments, studio classes, massages, and sauna sessions to relax those sore muscles.

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Gym Ike Fitness Club

 Hours: Monday – Friday 5am – 8am, Saturday 8am – 10am

Location: Adenta (Directions)

Cost range (₵₵₵₵): 60 – 100 GHS / month (30 GHS registration fee)

Gym Essentials: Group Workouts; Walk-Ins; Weight Lifting, Aerobics, Private Trainer

Credit: Gym Ike Fitness Club

Looking to get a good workout in on a budget? This communal gym packs a lot of fun into a workout as part of its approach to make fitness a lifestyle. Workout options include private training sessions, weightlifting, aerobics dance studio, boxing and boot camps. Registration costs 30 GHS while membership fees range from 100 – 360 GHS  for one to six months. You can also walk-in or join their Saturday club workouts for 10 GHS.

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Gyms in Spintex & Teshie Nungua Area


Hours: Monday – Friday 6-7:30pm; Saturday 7-10am, 4-5pm

Location: Junction Mall (Directions)

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵₵): Free Workout Sessions

Gym Essentials: Group Workouts; Sports Store

Credit: Decathlon

You might have heard of French sports equipment and sportswear company  Decathlon which opened in Ghana in 2017. They provide affordable fitness gear for practically any sport you can think of with locations at the Nungua Junction Mall and the Lizzy Sports Complex in East Legon. They also offer free work out sessions on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings with access to a wide range of equipment at their stores once you have purchased your apparel from them. Their weekday sessions include aerobics, weightlifting, and afro-dance, while their Saturday morning sessions comprise of Yoga (7am), roller-skating (8am), ballet (9am). Have kids interested in sports? Drop them off for a Saturday afternoon taekwondo class while you run errands. Looking for something more spontaneous? Follow their Instagram feed to stay updated on their health and fitness events.

Connect with Decathlon: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram /  Website

Bling Body Gym

Hours: Monday – Friday 5am-12pm & 5pm-9pm; Saturday 6am-1pm

Location: Lashibi (Directions)

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵₵): 125 – 250 GHS / month (60 GHS registration fee)

Gym Essentials: Locker Room; Group Classes; Fitness Store; Restaurant; Biking Club

Credit: Bling Body Cycology

Bling Body Gym is a well-equipped facility with a variety of classes to match. Choose from yoga, dance aerobics, taebo, spinning, abs, power cardio, afrobeats, zumba and several other options to get you in shape. This February, Bling Body is offering a 15% discount on all their special packages; register for 60 GHS and sign up for a package that suits your lifestyle. You can opt for the 250 GHS monthly package or go with the three- or six-month special packages at 650 GHS and 1,000 GHS respectively. Ready to commit to that fit life? Bling Body will give you all the motivation you need with their yearly package at 1,500 GHS. The fees cover access to all facilities, classes, full body assessments and the option to work with a trainer at the gym. Want to test it out before you go all in? Pay 40 GHS for your first walk-in session and 35 GHS for subsequent walk-ins.

Connect with Bling Body Gym: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website

Branch Health & Fitness Centre

Hours: Monday – Friday 5am-9pm; Saturday 6am-2pm; Sunday 9am – 2pm

Location: Spintex Road (Directions)

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵₵): 193 – 335 GHS / month

Gym Essentials: sauna, medical assessments, gym instructors; walk-ins

Credit: Branch Fitness

Branch Fitness offers five types of memberships ranging from 235 GHS for monthly memberships to 2,320 GHS for a yearly membership with an initial registration of 85 GHS.  They also have gym passes which range from 45 GHS for walk-ins to 335 GHS for a month’s pass. Membership benefits include access to fitness classes, stand-by gym instructors, access to a sauna and a one-time free BMI check upon joining.   

Connect with Branch Fitness: Facebook (Call)

Gyms in Dzorwulu & Airport Residential

Aviation Social Centre

Hours: Monday – Friday 4:30am-9pm; Saturday 6am-2pm; Sunday 6am – 3pm

Location: Airport (Directions)

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵₵): 240 GHS / month (one-time 100 GHS registration fee)

Gym Essentials: Basketball Court, Astro Turf, Volleyball Court, Tennis Court

Credit: Aviation Social Centre

Aviation Social Centre puts the “social” in sports. An accessible space for various communal activities, it features a gym, basketball court, astro turf and courts for your popular ball sports (volleyball, tennis, basketball). It also doubles up as an events space. A registration fee of 100 GHS and subsequent monthly subscriptions for 240 GHS will give you access to all the facilities available, classes such as aerobics and support from fitness instructors.

Connect with Aviation Social Centre: Facebook / Instagram

Fitrip Fitness Community

Hours: Monday – Friday 6am-10pm; Saturday 6am-10pm; Sunday 6am – 10pm

Location: Dzorwulu (Directions)

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵₵): 458 – 500 GHS / month (free registration)

Gym Essentials: Group membership; CrossFit; Martial Arts; Squash Court; Walk-Ins

Credit: Fitrip

Brand new and packing quite the punch is Fitrip. Apart from its gym studio, Fitrip’s facilities include a CrossFit box, a martial arts arena, a squash court, and a spinning studio. Walk-in costs for the gym and squash court are 70 GHS and 30 GHS respectively. Membership is according to activity, offering eight packages. The Fit Gym package grants gym access only at 500 GHS for one month. Access for three, six and twelve months can be acquired at 1,300 GHS; 2,400 GHS and 4,200 GHS respectively. Depending on the number of months a customer pays for, the Fit Plus package ranges from 700 GHS to 5,500 GHS and offers access to the gym and all classes. For a more customised experience, there are Personal Trainer Appointment packs; four sessions costs 1,000 GHS while 20 sessions goes for 3,400 GHS. There are also packages for group personal training sessions; class only access as well as crossfit and squash court memberships.

Connect with Fitrip: Facebook / Instagram / Website

The Yoga Studio

Hours: Monday – Wednesday 9-10am & 6:30-7:30pm; T hursday – 6:30- 8:45pm; Friday 6:30 – 7:45pm; Saturday – 9-11:30am

Location: Dzorwulu (Directions)

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵₵): 60 GHS / session

Gym Essentials: Beginner friendly; Session packs; Kid friendly; Fitness Wear Shop

Credit: The Yoga Studio

Formerly Namaste Yoga, the Yoga Studio is on a mission to make you radiate from the inside out with a selection of yoga workouts that focus on your core, balance and strength. Their sessions include vinyasa flow yoga, alignment oriented yoga, prenatal yoga, corporate yoga and kids yoga. A session costs 60 GHS and lasts between 45mins and 90 mins. Discounted session packs are also available – for 275 GHS and 500 GHS you can sign up for five and ten sessions respectively. also To make yoga more accessible, the Yoga Studio offers donation-based classes once a month to help pay for free classes as part of their Yoga Giveback Movement. How’s that for centring yourself and making a difference! Need some Yoga Pants? Ask about their exclusive gym wear!

Connect with The Yoga Studio: Instagram

Gyms in Cantonments, Labone & Osu Areas

Pippa’s Health Centre  

Location: Osu (Directions)

Hours : Monday – Friday 5:30am -9 :00pm; Saturday 7am – 5 pm

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵₵): 333 – 500 GHS / month (free trial available)

Gym Essentials : Kid friendly; Dance; Beauty Spa; Free Trial; Health Bar; Swimming pool

Credit: Pippa’s Health Centre

Pippa’s Health Centre is your one-stop fitness center and the home of everything ‘holistic wellbeing. Their approach to fitness focuses on the inside just as much as the outside. Classes available include spinning, body pump, ‘legs/bums/tums’, pilates, ab ripper, yoga, outdoor run, and zumba. They also offer group activities like tumble tots; an active play session for children between the ages of six months and three years. Their taekwondo lessons are a hit for both children and adults as well as their dance academy for ballet, jazz, and azonto. They offer two packages and payment options for young professionals and senior citizens. Young professionals 31 years and take advantage of the free trial before selecting either of the four available packages: 500 GHS for one month; 1120 GHS for three months; 2350 GHS for six-months or 3990 GHS for the year. Senior citizens 60 years and older have the choice of the three-month 975 GHS package or the six-month 1780 GHS package. Need some pampering after a workout? Their beauty spa provides a number of treatments including massage and manicure.

Connect with Pippa’s Health Centre : Facebook / Instagram / Website

The Circuit Gym

Hours: Monday – Friday 6am – 9pm; Saturday 7am – 2:30pm

Location: Cantonments (Directions)

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵₵): 333 – 650 GHS / month

Gym Essentials: Boot Camps, Rehab, Posture Correction

Credit: The Circuit Gym

The Circuit Gym runs a fully equipped fitness studio for a variety of energy packed workout circuits and boot camps for boxing, cardio, kid circuits and yoga. Need a personal trainer or a body conditioning program for posture correction, weight-loss. toning, or after-birth recovery? They’ve got you covered. Prices vary from 700 GHS for one month to 4000 GHS for a year.

Connect with The Circuit Gym: Facebook / Instagram

El Wak Stadium

Hours: Open 24/7

Location Cantonments (Directions)

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵₵): Free Access

Gym Essentials: Tracks; Football Field; Basketball Court; Volleyball Court; Family Friendly

One of Accra’s premier multipurpose stadiums, the El Wak Stadium has an open space with a field and track that would be perfect for group workouts. Whether you simply want to go for a run or organise health walks, aerobics or yoga classes this location makes it work. Just make sure you visit in the morning and early evening when the stadium is open to the general public (or call in advance). Join the throng of fitness conscious people who take advantage of the stadium to jog, play football, basketball or volleyball. More of a spectator? The stadium hosts many sporting events bound to meet your fancy.

Connect with El Wak Stadium: Google

Bliss Yoga Accra

Location: Osu (Directions)

Gym Essentials : Workout accessories, Vinyasa flow

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵₵): 58-75 GHS / session

Hours : Tuesday – Thursday 6:30am -7:30pm; Sunday 10:15am – 12:30pm

Credit: Bliss Yoga Accra

Thinking about getting into yoga? Bliss Yoga offers beginner-friendly classes in vinyasa flow yoga which coordinates movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. However, their instructors are well-versed in other disciplines. Yoga class walk-ins cost 70 GHS. You can purchase a class pack: 5-class card for 360 GHS; 10-class card for 675 GHS or a 20-class card for 1,170 GHS. Alternatively, go the full mile with the one-year unlimited plan at 5,000 GHS and pay in monthly instalments. They also stock yoga equipment. Senior over 60, student or volunteer? Ask about the 10% discount.

Connect with Bliss Yoga: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website

Ghana Police Fitness & Social Center

Hours: Monday – Friday 5am – 9pm; Saturday 6am – 2pm

Location: Cantonments (Directions)

Cost range (₵₵₵₵): 150 GHS / month (50 GHS registration fee)

Gym Essentials : Swimming pool , Tennis court

Credit: Ghana Police Fitness & Social Center

The Ghana Police Fitness & Social center is another steal in terms of value for money. It’s also a great option if you work in central Accra and would rather not sit in traffic. Access to their fully equipped gym and instructors requires a 50 GHS registration fee and a monthly fee of 150 GHS. Beyond that, they offer a swimming pool and tennis amenities in a serene environment. All the essentials at a great price!

Connect with Ghana Police Fitness & Social Center : Facebook

Air Force Officers’ Mess

Hours: 5am – 10pm

Location: Cantonments (Directions)

Cost range (₵₵₵₵): 100 GHS / month

Gym Essentials: Golf Course, Tennis , Squash Court, Restaurant

Living in close proximity to the military has its perks, especially when it comes to staying fit. The Air Force Officers’ Mess offers a myriad of facilities including a gym, golf course, tennis and squash courts, and swimming pool. With four gym instructors available to assist, you can sign up for their six month subscription for 650 GHS or gain a year-long membership for 1200 GHS. Grab a bite at the restaurant after a refreshing swim.

Connect with Air Force Officers’ Mess: Call 027 585 8381

Gyms in Accra Outskirts

Tesano Sports Club

Hours: Monday – Saturday 7am – 9pm

Location:  Tesano (Directions)

Cost range (₵₵₵₵₵): 160 – 250 GHS / month (100 GHS registration fee)

Gym Essentials: Aqua Aerobics, Family Friendly; Swimming Pool, Basketball & Tennis Courts

Credit: Tesano Sports Club

Established in 1965, the Tesano Sports Club is an inviting recreational space for everything fitness and is equipped with a gym, swimming pool, tennis court , badminton court as well as a squash studio. Classes on offer include kizomba and salsa dance sessions as well as tai chi. Registration for the gym costs 100 GHS and subsequent monthly subscriptions are 160 GHS. The gym has personal trainers available on client request. Tesano Sports Club offers membership to their entire facility on a monthly or yearly basis with packages for singles, doubles, family, corporate, senior citizens, guardians (1 Adult with 6 kids) and outstation clients outside Accra. A popular venue for a family outing or group workout.

Connect with Tesano Sports Club : Facebook / Instagram

Body Fitness Center

Hours: Monday – Friday 4:30am-9pm, Saturday 5am -12pm

Location: Dansoman (Directions)

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵₵):: 200 GHS / month (90 GHS registration fee)

Gym Essentials: Karate, Smoothie Bar, Fitness & Nutrition Courses, Spa, Jacuzzi, Yoga

Credit: Body Fitness Center

The Body Fitness Center has three floors dedicated to creating the ultimate workout experience for you. Aside from a variety of courses which include group exercises, sports karate, yoga, dance aerobics, body toning, and cardio workouts, BFC also offers a Healthy Food coaching program and a six-week weight loss course. Their facility also has a spa and jacuzzi to help you de-stress as well as a smoothie bar to fuel your body after your workout. The standard membership for a month is 200 GHS after a registration fee of 90 GHS while their gold package allows members to invite a workout buddy for 5 days in a month. At an additional charge, clients can also request to work out with personal trainers for a number of sessions.

Connect with Body Fitness Center: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website

Lloyds Fitness Center

Hours: Monday – Saturday 5:30am – 9pm

Location: McCarthy Hill  (Directions)

Cost Range (₵₵₵₵): 100 GHS / month (50 GHS registration fee)

Gym Essentials : Bodybuilding , Aerobics, Salsa

If you need a motivated community and environment to work out, this may be the gym for you. Fully equipped for heavy or lightweight exercises varying from bodybuilding to aerobics, power cardio and master abs workouts. They also offer a variety of dance classes including step dancing, salsa dance classes, and African dance. Register for 50 GHS and pay a monthly fee of 100 GHS or walk-in for 20 GHS. How’s that for a deal!

Connect with Lloyds Fitness Center: Instagram  

Know of other gyms, fitness centres or studios in Accra that should be on this list? Leave a comment with all the details and tell us why.

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  1. Hi there. Just wanted to bring our gym to your attention. We are Crosstrain Ghana, located in Cantonments, opposite the US Embassy. You may want to add us to your listing of gyms.

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