Screening of award-winning film Sembene!

A decade after the demise of Ousmane Sembene, the “Father of African Cinema”, his 50-year legacy lives on and is captured in the award-winning biographical documentary Sembene! by Samba Gadjigo, Ousmane Sembene’s official biographer. From his first film Borom Saret (1962) to world-renowned classic Black Girl (1966), Ousmane Sembene’s work,…

Dakar Sengal Travel - Circumspecte

Nestled on the western most tip of Africa’s mainland is Dakar; the cosmopolitan seat of government of Senegal and one of my favorite African cities. With it’s vibrant culture and art, unparalleled sunsets, sensory appreciation for life, and unique positioning as the hub of West Africa’s second fastest growing economy, Dakar is…

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