The African blogosphere has come a long way over the past decade. In addition to an expansion in the number of Africa-related blogs and topics covered on the internet, there is a lot more depth and nuance to digital content produced by the continent’s bloggers and content creators. The “African Blogger You Should Know” series seeks to highlight, celebrate and go behind the scenes with top-notch Africans creating original content. From popular blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger to social media heavyweights Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and SnapChat, and beyond, the Q&A series offers a first-hand perspective into the art and science of blogging and digital content creation across Africa – and the people behind them. First up, Senegal’s Ndambaw Kama, founder of and purveyor of all things “Senegalities”.

Senegal's Ndambaw Kama is an African Blogger You Should Know. How and why she started, her focus on Senegalities, tips and more.

Who is Ndambaw Kama ?

Just a young Senegalese woman whose voice matters and who is very passionate about Senegalese society: the good and the bad. I grew up in Senegal, went to the US where I got a bachelor’s in economics. I moved back home (Dakar) and did my MBA and worked for several years in International Development. I always wrote on the side, for myself and my friends, always. Writing is definitely my therapy, I did not know it was going to become other people’s therapy too.


Tell us about your blog WorldOfNK. How did it begin?

My friends convinced me to start a blog. They thought I was “funny” and “kept it real” so I did a little research and opened my first blog on WordPress in 2006. At the time, I had a and I posted articles very randomly, which made my followers a little frustrated because I would not meet their expectations. I was also very busy with school and work. I got off at 2:30pm and I took MBA classes from 3pm to 9pm.

2014 was a tough year, I lost family members and I started to write again and it made me feel so awesome. I would binge write, I could not even sleep I was writing so much. One weekend, I bought the domain “” and the real blogging adventure began.


How did you come up with the name?

NK are my initials (Ndambaw Kama). I cover a lot of topics and my mind is always racing. I live in my own head, within the actual world. I thought “WorldofNK’’ was appropriate as I share a lot of pieces of me with the web.


Why do you blog?

To offer a new eye on how Senegalese society works.

To offer a platform for people, especially women, to voice their opinions.

To cure myself.


What inspires you?

Being around creative people, noise, movies and songs in languages I don’t understand.


If you were to classify your blog under a category or niche what would it be and why?

 Society and culture. I talk mostly about what I call ‘’Senegalities”, referring to our behavior as part of the Senegalese society and culture.


What’s the best advice you have gotten as a blogger? And as a person?

 To be myself, and to stay authentic.


Run us through an average day in your life.

I quit my job last year. I am a freelance translator, a script writer and I have an online store that sells products for natural hair.

On a regular day, my niece wakes me up, I write ideas before I even shower. I put together the orders from my website and I give them to the driver to take care of deliveries. Then I usually go to meetings with potential clients and I also go on set because I am in love with the movie making world.

At some point during the day, I organize debates on my Snapchat.

I post articles on my blog on Mondays and Thursdays.

Of course, I check my social media during the day.


Senegal's Ndambaw Kama is an African Blogger You Should Know. How and why she started, her focus on Senegalities, tips and more.

What’s your content creation process?

I get a lot ideas when I shower, or before I go to sleep or right when I wake up. It helps when I am feeling emotional, LOL. I also simply get a lot of subjects from observing the people around me, basic human interactions.


What’s your favorite post on the blog? Why?

Honestly, I don’t have one but to answer the question, I’d say anything that has to do with relationships because of the reader’s reactions to them. It’s always lit.


Tell us something about your city Dakar or country Senegal we wouldn’t know otherwise.

This is a hard one because I feel like you can probably find it on Google. How about this one: Once a year, on Tamkharit day, men dress as women and vice versa . Doesn’t it look like a gay parade? How interesting is that in an anti-gay country? I always found it fascinating.


Complete this sentence: The biggest misconception about bloggers and/or blogging is…

That bloggers are paid for everything they write.

That blogging is easy because you get gifts all the time.

That blogging is not a job.

I just realized you said ‘’the biggest misconception’’. Oops.


Pick one and explain why: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat or none of the mentioned.

Snapchat because the snap fam is the most supportive. But really I love them all, they each have a specific purpose for me.


What tech tools can’t you live without as a blogger?

Canva and Photoshop.


What do you enjoy most OR least about blogging?

Ranting and reading angry people’s comments.


Complete this sentence: As a blogger, I can’t live without….

My own truth.


Which blogs do you follow?

– Awesomely Luvvie

– Very Smart Brothers

– Ibuka Sharing

– Circumspecte

– Les Gourmandises de Karelle

– Les Ateliers de Corinne

– Elle Citoyenne

– Aistou Cuisine

– XO Necole

I have others but these came to my mind first.


Content is king, conversation is queen. Are there any (other) sayings you live by as an African blogger?

If you don’t believe it, don’t write it.


Share one thing you discovered about yourself through blogging.

I discovered that I was way more emotional than I thought. I be in my feelings a lot since I started writing more. I be sensitive AF for no reason.


Word of advice for newbie and other bloggers?

There is no right time to start so JUMP. RIGHT. NOW.

If you are only looking to make money, don’t do it. Start with passion, money will meet you.


Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you Jemila for Circumspecte and your always on point analysis.


Connect with NK: Blog / Facebook / Twitter / SnapChat & IG: WorldofNK

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