March is international women’s month and a good time to check in with the women in our lives, ourselves included. Here are some easy ways you can do exactly that to celebrate women and sisterhood:

Say thank you: Have you lost touch with a woman who greatly impacted or influenced you? Does she still inspire you even though you’re no longer in daily contact? Let her know! Reach out and say thanks for the role she has played in making you the woman you are. Celebrate women; there’s nothing more powerful than acknowledging the contributions of others.

Support each other’s initiatives: Women tend to be great at multitasking and if you’re like most Ghanaian women today, you’re probably involved in numerous activities. That said, wearing multiple hats can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you feel like you’re in it alone. That’s why it’s very important for women to celebrate women, to support one other, stand together and say, “I see you, I get you, and together, we can”. Whether in cash or kind, by spreading the word, making a referral or giving a pat on the back, simply take a moment to show your enterprising sisters that they’re doing a good job.

Reach out, build bridges: As with most relationships, sisterhood has its ups and downs. Sometimes, the walks in the valley take a lot longer than expected. In such cases, a breather or break from each other might be necessary, but unless you feel like you’ve outgrown each other, don’t let it go on for long. Women’s month is an excellent time to reach, reconnect and rebuild those bridges. Say sorry and move on hand in hand.

Share stories and celebrate each other: Storytelling is a powerful medium for celebrating women. It could be a personal experience or one that you’ve heard or come across. If you found it insightful or inspiring, chances are another woman will too. So don’t just hit the ‘like’ or ‘love’ button online. Click share, and help send those powerful stories far. You never know which stories might come back to you just when you need it.


Join Our Sisterhood Matters Campaign

This International Women’s Month, we invite you to  join us in celebrating sisterhood and recognising phenomenal women (like yourself) with our third annual #SisterhoodMatters campaign! It’s super easy, fun, and meaningful. Here’s how to participate:

  • The Sisterhood Matters Facebook Live Conversation Series: A weekly series of honest conversations with phenomenal women on their experiences of sisterhood, business and careers, relationships, wellness and more on social media platforms through Facebook Live. Missed any? Catch up on our conversations with Moiyattu Banya, Gloria Buckman , Marcia Ashong. and Abena Sekyiamah.
  • The Sisterhood Matters Main Event: A half-day event on April 7 to celebrate women and encourage honest conversations about women supporting women, featuring a roundtable conversation, small group sessions and a networking mixer. Get your ticket here.

The Sisterhood Matters Main Event: An Honest Conversation on Women Supporting Women


  • The #SisterhoodMatters Instagram Giveaway Contest: An online campaign and giveaway which encourages women to celebrate the women in their lives who have made a significant impact on them, provided support, encouragement, space to grow, or who are simply phenomenal and deserve recognition. Running throughout March  until April 1, 2018. We encourage all African women to celebrate their sisters and participate in the SisterhoodMatters campaign. However, only Accra-based participants who follow steps 1-4 are eligible for prizes. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded during The Sisterhood Matters Main Event in Accra on April 7.

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How To Participate In The Sisterhood Matters Instagram Giveaway

  1. Follow @circumspecte_ and @jabdvlai – and at least ONE giveaway partner (see above for their accounts)
  2. Post a photo of a woman or girl you appreciate and would like to celebrate – even better if it’s a photo of both of you! Include a caption about WHY her sisterhood matters to you or how she supports and inspires you – use the hashtags #SisterhoodMatters and #Circumspecte.
  3. Tag at least 3 of your friends on this post and invite them to participate in the Sisterhood Matters campaign and giveaway.
  4. Have fun!

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