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          Poetry/Prose: Identity & Other (Travel) Musings

          The thing about embarking on a new experience – travel, project, idea, decision, dream, opportunity – is that you always uncover yourself anew. —“Why don’t you write anymore?”That’s the question that sent me running back here.The number of false-start posts I’ve had in the last two months are shameful to say the leastYou either go …


                Gaddafi’s Demise: What Next (For Africa)?

                I just got online after an English discussion session with the Italian kids who’s family I’m living with. First thing I see? An unpalatable, bloody image of someone who looks eerily like Libya’s ousted dictator leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Apparently, he’s been killed. And in his own hometown of Sirte too! Now, with all the unrest …

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