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          Gallery: Local artifacts from across Tunisia

          Found out about Tunisia’s national artisan and handcraft fair earlier this week. It’s apparently an annual and well-attended affair; here are some of the products on sale and display. The fair is ongoing until May 5. Full schedule of exhibitions at the Tunis International Exhibition Center here.

                  Poetry/Prose: Dirty Dancin’

                  We danced. For months on end. The tango, the waltz, even salsa’d it up Amidst the swirling shadows, intoxicated by tune Daylight? T’was always the dark we craved Grinding against each other – wanting, denying, no sleeping tonight Heavy breaths in sync, bass tempo till light Staring. Breathing the other in.  Intimate, strange. Enveloped, conspiring; …

                    Photo Inspiration: Kindred Souls

                    Sometimes, we encounter people who hold the same candle we do; the exact same dream we hold burns within their soul. In such moments we might be tempted to slack off or to stop altogether – someone’s already handling it, so why should I? In that moment, remember this: The people who walk the same …

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