The African blogosphere has come a long way over the past decade. In addition to an expansion in the number of Africa-related blogs and topics covered on the internet, there is a lot more depth and nuance to digital content produced by the continent’s bloggers and content creators. The “African Blogger You Should Know” series seeks to highlight, celebrate and go behind the scenes with top-notch Africans creating original content. From popular blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger to social media heavyweights Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and SnapChat, and beyond, the Q&A series offers a first-hand perspective into the art and science of blogging and digital content creation across Africa – and the people behind them. Today, we delve into the buzz that makes up Ivorian blogger and content creator Edith Brou‘s world as a top 50 influencer in Côte d’Ivoire.Edith Brou of Buzzy Africa, An African Blogger You Should Know

Who is Edith Brou?

Edith Brou is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Africa Contents Group, an internet media company specializing in social media management and digital content creation. The main product of the company is the African info-entertainment website We position ourselves as the African francophone BuzzFeed.


Tell us about your blog or platform. How did it begin and what content does it offer?

I started my blog L’Actu Web d’Edith in 2009 and it is specialized in tech news in Ivory Coast and Africa. But today, I dedicate much more to my info-entertainment site that I created in November 2016.


How did you come up with the name?

I wanted to create an African BuzzFeed. The word Buzz came naturally as well as the word Africa.


Why do you blog?

I like to share my favorites, my discoveries, but also my rants.


What inspires you?

The news and publications I read on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but also articles from other news sites.

If you were to classify your blog under a category or niche what would it be and why?

Infotainment (information + entertainment).


What’s the best advice you have gotten as a blogger? And as a person?

1- Go back to the basics.

2 – Focus on things that make you happy.


Run us through an average day in your life.

  1. Wake-up around 5h
  2. Every morning, I take care of my children
  3. I read my emails before leaving home
  4. I attend meetings with my team and clients
  5. I do a sports session
  6. And if there is an afterwork event in the evening, I go there
  7. I go home to care for my kids
  8. Towards midnight I get back to work
  9. Sleep around 2am


What’s your content creation process?

I draw my inspiration from the incessant watching that I do on social media and also from the series and movies that I watch.


What’s your favorite post on the platform? Why?

Here are the 10 best African commercials of 2016

Because there has been a high rate of commitment on this article with my team. We enjoyed discovering advertising campaigns from other countries.


Tell us something about your city or country we wouldn’t know otherwise.

Abidjan is the city where you eat best.

Edith Brou of Buzzy Africa, An African Blogger You Should Know

Complete this sentence: The biggest misconception about bloggers and/or blogging is…

…That bloggers want to take the place of journalists


Pick one and explain why: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat or None of the above

Instagram because it’s the most visual and I like the images.


What tech tools can’t you live without as a blogger

Google Keep


What do you enjoy most OR least about blogging?

I love research and content creation.


Complete this sentence: As a blogger, I can’t live without….

My smartphone.


Which blogs do *you* follow?


Content is king, conversation is queen. Are there any (other) sayings you live by as a blogger?



Share one thing you discovered about yourself through blogging.

My endurance and infinite possibilities of my creative mind.


Word of advice for newbies and other bloggers or content creators?

One must be patient and write passionately first. The rest will come.


Anything else you would like to add?

Do not forget to read every day, the info-entertainment medium for the millennials of francophone Africa.


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Photos: Edith Brou


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