If there ever was a time when getting a job simply meant handing in a stellar curriculum vitae (CV), then that privilege has certainly been lost to the current generation. The Ghanaian job market is tough, and while there are hundreds of job openings on leading classifieds websites like Tonaton, uploading your CV and submitting an application is only half the journey. The next unstated requirement is to not only be memorable, but to be memorable enough during the interview to get the job. You have probably already contemplated all the embarrassing things that could leave the wrong sort of lasting impression; here are some guidelines to help you make all the good ones.

Job Interview Tips from Circumspecte

Dress Smart

Despite how much presentation is often downplayed, it has a huge implication on the kind of impressions you make at an interview simply because it’s the first thing you communicate about yourself to your interviewers. You would want to dress smart, which implies dressing the part while conveying your personality. Simplicity and balanced color combinations are always a safe choice. Don’t overly concern yourself too much with your outfit, but remember not to let your outfit become the focus of your interview.


Be Punctual & Courteous

Common courtesies also go a long way and are one more thing you cannot take for granted. This means showing up on time or even a few minutes early, and making the effort to thank your interviewers before and after the interview to show appreciation for the opportunity to engage.  You should sit when asked to and only after the interviewers have sat down- even if it is obvious that a seat has been put out for you.


Compose Yourself & Pay Attention to Body Language

Don’t let time consciousness prevent you from taking a second to compose yourself before diving into the interview. The interviewer will be more receptive to this than stuttering incoherently, sweating and blinking uncontrollably through every question. Once composed, make eye contact with the interviewers as you answer questions and when you shake their hands. This will show confidence  – even where there is none. try to maintain a calm and interactive disposition throughout the interview; stiffening up in your seat will convey uneasiness as opposed to seriousness,


Do Your Research and Speak Clearly

What you say about your ability to efficiently carry out the job you are applying for will be more relevant than anything else and give stock to your CV. You need to be well informed about the company’s history especially where it pertains to the position you’re applying for. Do not make contemptuous comments about your current or former employers as this shows disloyalty, neither should you give false answers to questions you cannot answer – doing your research beforehand will help prevent this.


The fact that you have an interview is in itself an assurance that you’ve met most if not all qualifications for the job. Each time your job application is successful, follow these guidelines, but don’t let them get you worked up before the interview. Embrace and showcase the qualities that got you the interview in the first place.


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