Is there a kind of too much that is enough?
Is there a kind of angry that is calming?
Is there an amount of hurt that soothes?
How many tears will make a smile?
How much more firewood till the fire burns me?
Forgive the winds for blowing so cold,
And reminding me of life in the mountains snow.
Allow the sea to wash back filth,
For there is more where it came from.
Praise the sun for scorching me dry,
I need to not look up or stay out for long.
Bless the dark clouds for the rain,
And beating me sane.
Bless the dark clouds for the rain,
And making me run home.

Hakeem Adam, is a creative, blogger and in-house writer at Circumspecte.


A young man ready to seize the world, Hakeem is a Psychology and English student at the Univeristy of Ghana (Legon) and an alumnus of the Achimota School. A self-proclaimed "staunch audiophile and bibliophile" he enjoys lisening to all music genres - from hard rock to bossa nova - and draws inspiration from it. In his words, "It serves as a canvas upon which his art, writing is based. In addition to his Op-Eds and Features on Circumspecte, Hakeem writes poetry and flash fiction on his blog and loves reading biographies, history, poetry and progressive fiction.

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