October 2009


Just love it when God springs wonderful surprises on us. The weather forecasts said there’d be rain, rain and more rain today, but it was as dry as a button, with a warm breeze and beautiful sunshine! Couldn’t resist, had to immortalize the day. Enjoy!

God-fearing. Check. Attractive. Check. Interesting. Check. Smart. Umm. Funny. No comment. Dimples. Zero. Guess he’s already disqualified. And he’d looked like he had so much potential. The injustices of this world. “Awura Adjoa, so what d’you think?” “Huh?” She’d drifted away again as his voice droned on. He chuckled, and smiled sweetly. “About the existence of extra-terrestrial…

There once lived a wee little fellowQuite a troublesome little fellow was heFidgety, fidgety, fidgetyHe never could sit stillUntil one day he encountered geologyYes, you heard right, geologyAnd with that as silent as a mouse he would beHe learned about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocksAnd how one was…

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