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          E-Commerce: How to avoid buying fake or broken phones & electronics online

          Doing your research before buying phones and electronics online will improve your e-commerce experience

          The demand for consumer electronics like mobile phones is always high because of how indispensable they have become to our lives. It is usually difficult to obtain genuine phones or laptops in countries like Ghana because they might not always be cheap, available or of good quality. e-commerce platforms like Tonaton are attempting to solve this …

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              5 Ways to Increase Online Sales & Make Money on Ghana’s E-Commerce Platforms

              Find out how to improve your sales and make money online on Ghana's e-commerce platforms

                By HAKEEM ADAM Ever heard the saying everything is for sale? Well, to a certain extent it is true, especially on the Internet. Everything form fully furnished houses, vintage electronics and cars, exotic pets and herbs and spices can be found and purchased on the Internet. E-commerce is quickly displacing traditional methods of shopping …

                Africa Blogging Editor's Note

                Circumspecte: A Top Africa Blog on Business, Finance, Policy & Social Issues

                Circumspecte recognized as a top Africa blog in the Africa Blogger Awards 2016

                  On June 3, 2016, the winners of the 2016 African Blogger Awards were announced via Twitter – and Circumspecte was recognized as a top Africa blog with “world class content” for not one, but two categories: business, finance and entrepreneurship and social issues and citizenship! The African Blogger Awards detracts from using peer nominations …

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