Poetry/Prose: Hybrid

    Grand plans. That’s what we had. Of where we’d end up, how we’d end up, when we’d end up. I mean, we said “let’s leave it to Allah, let’s wait and see”. But really, the levers in our mind had long clanked away. Breaking news: I will never be Ghanaian, African [insert whatever label] enough. …


      Tunisia: Mapping Out Tunis & Finding My Place

      It’s been almost a month since I moved to Tunis, and many folks have been asking about my initial impressions. My response: Tunis and I are still learning each other. And really, that’s what it is. For whatever reason, Tunis is hard to decipher. Besides the obvious preference for pink/fuchsia in interior decor (don’t ask), …


        Ghana’s (Lack Of A) Culture of Maintenance

        Some blog topics come to you in the form of a sentence from a stranger’s mouth, others come in dreams, and yet more from trending topics on twitter. My first blog topic in Ghana met me at the airport. As the plane descended into Accra’s Kotoka Airport, I thought to myself, “I’m finally home!” As …