October 2013


Photo SourceStanding in front of the mirror I had an internal war over which skirt to put on for the event. After lives were lost and blood was spilt over this turmoil; I put on a pair of jeans and called it a day. Walking out the door…

Tunis - Circumspecte - Jemila Abdulai

It’s been almost a month since I moved to Tunis, and many folks have been asking about my initial impressions. My response: Tunis and I are still learning each other. And really, that’s what it is. For whatever reason, Tunis is hard to decipher. Besides the obvious preference…

Nneka’s music is soul stirring. Even more so her live performances. This ‘noir et blanc’ video production of her song “Valley” off her “Soul is Heavy” album is all sorts of art. Enjoy!

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