December 2012


For the past two or so days I have been trying to recollect 2012. To remember what happened. I know there were highs and lows, but for some reason those peaks and valleys weren’t as defined as those of latter years. How could I live through 2012 but…

Poetry finally chased me down and caught hold of me :) Inspired by the movie “P.S. I Love You.” Consider it a double entendre ;)–Hello againIt’s been a long while I have seen so much, experienced so much Met people who reminded me of you Many times I’ve…

Jemila AbdulaiJemila Abdulai is the creative director, editor and founder of the award-winning website A media and international development professional and economist by training, she combines her business, communications and project management expertise with her strong passion for Africa. Besides writing and reading, she enjoys travel, global cuisine, movies, and good design.

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