September 2009


Want a Ghanaian film to watch? Skip the perfect pictures and hearts of men and go straight to “Bronx Princess”. Even though this film isn’t produced in Ghana or by a Ghanaian, I found more elements of Ghanaian culture and society in it than in other so-called Ghanaian…

Time and spaceWhoever thought him/herself so wiseSo as to determine the value of these twoHast surely thrown mankind, into insurmountable viceFor no matter how absolute they seem on papyrusThey’re always relative in the mind’s sight–Photo Source

EidSo it’s Eid in Ghana today, and it’s also Kwame Nkrumah’s birthday!! Talk about celebration and holidays!!! Eid was yesterday here in the US and in most parts of the world, and I had a pretty memorable Eid. Spent it with family in Virginia, and boy, what an…

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