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      The Lost Boys: Misogyny & Ghana’s Looming Gender Crisis I

      Father and daughter watch the sunset. Father daughter relationships are important to a woman's growth.

      “The jury is still out on whether Archbishop Duncan Williams is a misogynist or simply a shepherd who wants the best for this flock of female followers.” So goes the introduction of an article I started writing on October 30, 2014, but never finished. Almost two years later, that sentence is still valid. Actually, scratch …

        Pseudo-Intellectual Feminism: A Good Example of Bad Behavior

        In chapter three of A Room of One’s Own, 20th century self-educated literary critic Virginia Woolf makes a compelling humanist argument; one, which is not smudged with the many “isms”, seeking bias, that seem to have found residency on the web. Woolf analyzes gender inequality in Elizabethan English society by speculating the existence of the …