Jemila's Fitness and Weight Loss Journey

Just a few months shy of my first anniversary as a freelancer and solopreneur in Accra, I realised I was doing to myself what my 9-to-5 and AC-to-AC lifestyle in Tunis had done to me. I attributed it to a slower metabolism and body changes as I hit 30. It was soon clear I needed to make a change – to really take my personal health, wellbeing and fitness seriously. But you know how we humans do: we waver, false-start, and make excuses.

It’s an open secret that Ghana’s health sector and services need some fine-tuning and an injection of new ideas. That’s exactly why Impact Hub Accra, Merck, Facebook and other partners have teamed up to create Health Hack Accra – a 2-day competition for pitching innovative business models,…

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