Ghana Decides


        Introducing, Ghana’s Innovation Heroes!

        So Ghana’s Ministry of Trade and Industry and Google Ghana recently launched a new initiative called Innovation Ghana. Innovation Ghana is meant “to celebrate our homegrown innovators and discuss what is needed to bring Ghana to the fore of innovation and entrepreneurship.” Today, the first batch of heroes were awarded: Ghana Decides (woopie – now …


              [Repost]: Ghana, Redefining African Elections

              This article was originally published on the London School of Economics Africa Blog. — Ghanaian blogger Jemila Abdulai looks back on a landmark election not just for Ghana, but the whole of Africa. When it comes to African elections, one can always be certain of a healthy dose of unpredictability. From delays in delivering voting equipment …


                      An African Election – A Reminder of What’s At Stake (RePost)

                      Initially published on the London School of Economics (LSE) Africa Blog. — Jarreth Merz’ film An African Election covers the highs and lows of Ghana’s crucial 2008 presidential election, giving important insights into the electoral processes which helped safeguard the very stability of this West African nation. With many African presidential elections on the horizon for 2012, the film …