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          Circumspecte: A Top Africa Blog on Business, Finance, Policy & Social Issues

          Circumspecte recognized as a top Africa blog in the Africa Blogger Awards 2016

            On June 3, 2016, the winners of the 2016 African Blogger Awards were announced via Twitter – and Circumspecte was recognized as a top Africa blog with “world class content” for not one, but two categories: business, finance and entrepreneurship and social issues and citizenship! The African Blogger Awards detracts from using peer nominations …

                  Lyndon Sam: Why I Don’t Believe In The Youth

                  In one of my favourite Whatsapp chat groups, we often find ourselves debating topics ranging from politics to artificial intelligence to Valentine’s day plans. Often, our debates about Ghana orbit around problems with ‘the system’ and ways we can solve them. No system has been spared our wrath; we’ve taken swings at the political system, …

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