Keeping It Real: On Time, Clarity & Purpose

              “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” – Zora Neale Hurston   I came across this Hurston quote recently. For me, it captures various elements I’ve encountered over the past two years: time, rhythm, clarity, purpose, and especially, asking “why?” – a concept author Simon Sinek captures nicely in his book Start …

                Guest Post by Christabel Steel-Dadzie: The Morning After – A Personal Account of Assault in Ghana

                Assault Against Women in Ghana

                Editor’s Note: A friend shared this account from Christabel Steel-Dadzie, one of Ghana’s young changemakers and founder of the Ahaspora Young Professionals network. Reading it, I was aghast, but not surprised. I have encountered similar in Ghana (in a trotro/public mini-bus no less) and heard similar stories from other ladies. Christabel found the courage to …

                  Pseudo-Intellectual Feminism: A Good Example of Bad Behavior

                  In chapter three of A Room of One’s Own, 20th century self-educated literary critic Virginia Woolf makes a compelling humanist argument; one, which is not smudged with the many “isms”, seeking bias, that seem to have found residency on the web. Woolf analyzes gender inequality in Elizabethan English society by speculating the existence of the …

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