Ghana’s Komla Dumor – Insights on Courage & Embarking on the Narrow Path [Tribute]

          Source: Komla Dumor’s Facebook Page “There’s so much more to tell about Africa than the usual stories about war, famine and disease.” Komla Dumor. Son, husband, father, Ghana’s “Boss Player”, Africa’s storyteller, BBC World News broadcaster, inspiration – courage personified. If anyone had told me that Komla Dumor’s Black Star would burst out into eternity …


              Ask What You Can Do For Your Country

              Khalil Gibran is one of my favorite poets/writers. I believe his piece “The New Frontier” rings true for Ghana, L’Afrique today. Changes in [ ] are mine:The New FrontierThere are in [Ghana/Africa] today two challenging ideas: old and new. The old ideas will vanish because they are weak and exhausted. There is in [Ghana/Africa] an …


                Poetry/Prose: No Longer At Ease (WHY NOT?)

                “Some [wo]men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.” – Robert Kennedy No longer at ease. With the can nots, the should nots, the do nots, the try nots… I’d rather stick with the why nots. At least those birth some answers to this knot-filled life. …