Guest Contribution Guidelines

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Highlighting the authentic, diverse and original stories of Africa and Africans is at the heart of Circumspecte’s vision and mission. In spirit of capturing Africa’s breadth of perspective and inviting new perspectives, we encourage and accept guest submissions on a case-by-case basis for consideration. We invite you to explore previous guest perspectives and contributions.

Please note: We do not publish press releases, nor do we do placements of “guest blogs” for link juice (free or paid). All good and still want to share your perspective with our growing audience in Africa and the Diaspora? Read on.

How to get published on Circumspecte.

In order to be published, guest submissions need to meet the following guidelines:

  • Articles should be between min 700 – 1000 words max.
  • There should be no more than two (2) links in an article.
  • We prioritise original content and writing, hence guest articles should be previously unpublished (ie. first publication on In very unique cases, we may consider republishing.
  • Overall, a guest post should convey a unique perspective on an issue of relevance to Africa and/or Africans. 
  • We encourage unconventional thinking and perspectives so don’t worry if you have a post idea that you consider to be too “out there” – send it on and you never know.
  • We have high standards when it comes to quality writing. To maintain our standards, we may request writing samples. Our editorial team also works with guest authors to fine-tune and edit their accepted submissions – largely to proofread for grammar, structure and style. The actual content and messaging however remains as is.
  • Once a submission is accepted, we request that our guest contributors provide photos that might go with the article as well as a one-line bio (50 words max) with a link to one site – social media, blog, website, or professional profile. 
  • Once published, guest contributors are welcome to republish their articles on their own blog or website. That said, we request that the statement “This was originally published on” be included in the republication with a link to the original article on Circumspecte. 
  • Views expressed by guest authors are in no way a reflection of Circumspecte or its team.
  • We reserve the right to take down any articles which do not meet our publishing policy and standards.

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