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    Kaeme – Ghana’s Best Kept Skin Care & Shea Butter Secret

    Kaeme - Shea Butter and Black Soap Products(1)

    Africa has about 30% of the earth’s remaining mineral resources, but even the most popularized natural resources remain largely untapped, underutilized, or in raw form. That includes skin care industry favorite shea butter, the unassuming but nutrient packed off-white or ivory-colored butter that is indigenous to the continent. While there is a growing number of …

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          Madonna Kendona-Sowah & Raffia: Weaving Social Consciousness into Ghanaian Design

          Raffia Ghana Fashion Gift Ideas

          I came across Raffia while going through my Facebook newsfeed a year ago. It wasn’t the fact that the up and coming fashion brand has the same name as one of my favorite cousins, but rather because it – or more specifically, its trademark “batakari” – was so familiar. It represented ‘home’. I reached out …