Ever heard the saying everything is for sale? Well, to a certain extent it is true, especially on the Internet. Everything form fully furnished houses, vintage electronics and cars, exotic pets and herbs and spices can be found and purchased on the Internet. E-commerce is quickly displacing traditional methods of shopping because it is quick and convenient. While international e-commerce platforms like Amazon, E-bay and Alibaba may not be particularly suited to us, platforms like Tonaton and Dziffa.com provide similar spaces for buyers and traders to take advantage of the internet to make some extra money. Already selling online or considering the possibility? Employ these simple steps to improve your sales on e-commerce platforms.


Make Your Listing Clear and Concise

The Internet is vast and can be very overwhelming; a simple Google search can produce thousands of results. The same happens when shopping online. A buyer looking for a Dell laptop will be presented with many entries, but what will make him or her choose yours? Your advertisement (ad) is the first point of entry to attracting buyers. It is imperative that the information presented is direct and brief. Make sure to caption the ad with keywords that capture the product name and model and offer a clear description. State all the important details and specifications that will inform the buyer’s decision, including the price. Do well to avoid spelling mistakes, as it might discourage many buyers. In addition, it will be helpful to publish original pictures of the item you are putting up for sale as they give prospective buyers a good sense of what they might get. A clear and concise listing will not only increase the chances of your item being found but will also set it apart from others, making you appear more serious and trustworthy.


Be Honest. No Half-Truths

Trust is an important component of every business relationship. When you earn a customer’s trust and respect, they are more likely to return with other clients. However, deception puts trust at risk, especially on the Internet. Attempting to sell quickly, some merchants might present false information or omit critical details. For example, some real estate agents will describe a property as being 30 minutes from Accra, which might be untrue. Different consumers exist with different budgets and mindsets; some may prefer used electronics whilst other will go in for new ones. Do well to respect the intelligence of a prospective buyer and be honest with them to prevent them from pulling out of a deal or returning a laptop when they eventually find out that the network adapter does not work.


Respond in Good Time

Keep in mind that you are one of many sellers online. Everything moves at a fast past these days and a prospective buyer who does not receive an answer after calling will go on to call the next listing and proceed with the deal. Try as much as possible to list your contact details and respond to queries about your listing in a timely fashion. It may be tedious as many prospective buyers will call without buying, but you may never know who is ready to cash in on your deal until you pick up the phone.


Market Your Listings

With e-commerce, visibility is extremely important, especially when you do not have a physical shop or location where buyers can find you to look over your items. The virtual space can be and is occupied by anyone and everyone, offering similar products.  If you are interested in earning a living from e-commerce, you will have to consider different options for publicizing your listings. On Tonaton for example, merchants can pay a small fee to have their items appear at the very top of search results on Ghana’s biggest e-commerce platform or create membership page to list all the items in their shop. These promoted ads not only increase your chances of being found but also signal that Tonaton, a reputable company, trusts the merchant it is promoting as the listings are manually reviewed based on Tonaton’s rules.


Choose The Right Price

Anything will sell for the right price. Inasmuch as you want to make a good profit from your sales, remember that the consumer makes the ultimate decision and will always go for items whose pricing reflects the best value for money. Try to price your items reasonably enough so they can be sold.

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