It might appear unorthodox to sell and buy cars via the Internet; however, it is quickly becoming one of the most preferred methods, not just for auto traders but also for anyone else looking to quickly sell a car. Although platforms like and autotrader are not available in these parts, local options like Tonaton provide an expansive platform where you can trade your old or new car quickly and conveniently. These sites deliver certain compelling benefits that make them the best options for car trades in our increasingly fast-paced world.



Before you can sell, you need to be seen. E-commerce sites ensure that your advertisement (ad) is available to a pool of prospecting clients shopping for a new car. Many might see your “buy me” or “for sale” poster on your car screen as you drive by, but not have the chance to take down the number and call if they are interested. By creating a listing for your car online, prospective buyers have access to a vivid description of the car’s specifications, photographs and, most importantly, your contact details. For example, the cars and vehicles section on displays thousands of new and used cars ads, where buyers can search for their dream car – the Hyundai Sonata or Toyota Camry you may be selling!



Selling cars, especially used ones, can be extremely tedious. Many prospective buyers might waste your time with inspections, test drives, and eventually not buy. It is not impossible to imagine your car being jacked in an extreme scenario. One way to circumvent this frustration is to take advantage of Tonaton’s platform; it becomes a shield of sorts between you and the client. You can post all the necessary information needed by the buyer such as model, mileage, condition of the vehicle, accident history (if any) and engine capacity in the description of your ad. You can also upload a variety of photos with a non-distracting background to highlight the car’s special features. In this way, you can communicate with different buyers, either via phone or email, and decide which bid is your best option before meeting in person.



Accra has many used car lots in places like Dzorwulu and Tesano as well as showrooms for new ones on the Graphic Road. If you intend to sell a used car, you could opt to visit one of the many used car lots where dealers are ready to buy. Nevertheless, they might use their experience to undervalue your car especially if you appear desperate. In addition, some take a commission once they find a buyer for your car or may require you to pay rent for the number of days your unsold car is parked in the lot. In addition to being Ghana’s biggest online marketplace, Tonaton is free to use and cuts out the middle man, allowing you to deal directly with the prospective buyer and ensuring you get what you feel is the best value for your car.



Are you a car dealer who owns lots? You could consider taking advantage of Tonaton’s free classifieds space offer to create ads, thereby reaching other potential clients across the country who may not live in the same city as your lot. In so doing, platforms like Tonaton could help you double your market share and promote your range of used and new cars at relatively cheaper rates.


The car dealing business is certainly a profitable one, however tedious and frustrating it can get. With Ghana’s leading e-commerce platform at your fingertips, you have more opportunities to diversify and stack up those benefits and car sales.

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