Have you recently decided to buy a car in Ghana? If so, your head is probably spinning with many questions – some of which you might not have considered before. Buying a car requires some serious thought and research, especially when purchasing online from big e-commerce platforms like Tonaton. Here are five questions to consider before driving off into the sunset with your new – or used – car:


  1/  What is your budget?

A budget is probably the best indicator of whether a new or used car will be more suited to you. Once your search begins on a particular brand, the choice will become more evident. Regardless of your budget, you are likely to find some good options within your price range on Tonaton; Ghana’s biggest online marketplace. Knowing your budget will better inform your decision.


2/  What kind of use will the car get and for how long?

What kind of distances will the car be travelling? For longer distances, a new car would be less prone to breakdowns and there would be less concern about clocking more mileage. Road conditions and driving experience are also points of consideration. Some new drivers feel better honing their driving skills with a used car since it reduces the anxiety of damaging a new one.  According to carandriver.com some models lose up to 40% of their value in the first year, so a new car driven on poor roads depreciates faster and loses more value than a used one.


3/  What are your maintenance arrangements?

How do you intend to maintain the car once purchased? How much money can you make available for maintenance? Used cars require constant maintenance to keep aging parts in proper working condition whilst new cars typically require regular servicing to ensure longevity. Ideally, a buyer should be able to entrust the car to the car brand’s local service providers, but many in Ghana prefer to have a trusted mechanic who can provide the best service without charging too much. This feat is easier to accomplish with used cars as there are more ‘local’ mechanics and leading used car sellers like Nabus Motors who have previously been familiarized with several brands.  New cars might require more specific servicing and parts directly from official car dealers in the country.


4/  How important are specifications to you?

New cars usually come with advanced technology and several specifications which the buyer can opt for; this also includes modern safety adjustments.  A used car might be sold with or without specifications that the buyer is unaware of in order to make more profit. Hence, a new car might make more sense for someone who wants precise specifications. If these specifications are not important to a buyer then a used car becomes ideal because any add-ons by the dealer can be removed to decrease prices. Buyer specifications for used cars are harder to meet although it’s an option dealers might offer. It must be noted that many modern specifications are responsible for electrical breakdowns which are more difficult to deal with.


5/  How will it affect the car’s documents?

Used car buyers can enquire about the original warranty provided from the dealer. However, it will always be cheaper and safer to have the warranty of a new car. Insurance companies consider the value and age of the car, so used cars typically cost less than new cars. Despite being quite, expensive motor insurance is a big hit in Ghana with companies such as Quality Insurance Company Limited and SIC Insurance Company Limited providing secure insurance options.

With these tools in hand, your car purchasing experience in Ghana will be less of a tiresome journey, and you should be set to begin scouring Ghana’s largest e-commerce platform for your perfect car.



  1. As a petrol head, I feel this article is too scanty to aid anyone who intends buying a used car. However it was well written.

    • Dear Abdul, thanks for your feedback. Since you have more expertise in the area, it would be great if you could share your insights to buttress what Germaine shared. We look forward to your suggestions and tips.

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