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What’s education got to do with it? Everything.

Investing in education is generally accepted as the single most effective way of improving poverty, particularly for countries like Ghana where economic growth hinges strongly on development. That’s why social enterprise Growth Mosaic is challenging you to do something about it.

The Education Challenge Ghana

The Education Challenge Ghana is an entrepreneurial intervention incubator program for Ghanaian entrepreneurs spearheaded by Growth Mosaic. The Challenge seeks to contribute to building sustainable limited liability companies which develop innovation solutions to stagnant, fundamental education problems in Ghana and across West Africa. Specifically, the Challenge seeks ideas and solutions in three key areas:

  1. Innovative teaching methods for pre-school (based on learning through play principles)
  2. Affordable access to Early Childhood and Development
  3. Affordable, evidence-based teaching solutions and professional development opportunities for basic school educators

Challenge winners will participate in an intensive 4-6 month incubation (beginning November 2015) and receive seed finance to prove their product or service. They will also benefit from in-kind contributions (office space, services) as well as business and professional development resources (coaching, training, networks) at partner organisation Impact Hub Accra.


Credit: World Bank



This opportunity is open to idea-phase entrepreneurs as well as established for-profit social ventures looking to scale up and grow. Prospective applicants must be willing to commit 40+ hours/week from November 2015 should they win.


Application Process

  1. Complete the Application Form
  2. Read the the Opportunity Statement and select one (1) of the three opportunity tracks:
    • Opportunity 1 – Quality teaching in Early Childhood Education and Development
    • Opportunity 2 – Access to early childhood care centers
    • Opportunity 3 – Continuous professional development
  3. Submit your application as an email attachment to by:
    • Priority Deadline:  July 29, 2015 at midnight GMT; OR
    • Second Deadline: August 12, 2015 at midnight GMT
  4. Shortlisted candidates will be notified in October 2015 and receive feedback on finetuning ideas
  5. Top five (5) finalists will be notified and participate in a pitching training and session in November 2015
  6. Selected winners begin incubation in November 2015 (40+ hours a week)


Some Tips

  • Read the Opportunity Statement early and thoroughly (download here). It gives a comprehensive background on the state of education in Ghana, what is currently being done, who the key players are, areas that need assistance.
  • Think carefully about which opportunity track you can make the most impact in and pay attention to the judging criteria: innovation, solution viability, business viability, team synergy, among others.
  • Read over the application submission guidelines (download here, page 5) carefully before hitting the ‘send’ button.
  • Ask questions if you need clarification (don’t be shy). Contact Growth Mosaic at


Best of luck on the challenge! May the most innovative and impactful solutions win!


Credit: World Bank


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Impact Hub Accra: Website | Facebook | Twitter


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