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African designers and brands are all the rave these days as they strut their stuff on the global fashion scene with an endless array of creative options for the art-, design-, and style-conscious. While it’s great to be spoiled for choice – c’mon, who doesn’t like options! – keeping up with it all can be quite tiresome.


Now, thanks to AFI Privé, you won’t have to.

The Johannesburg-based, self-described “passport to luxury African fashion” and subsidiary of African Fashion International (AFI) was born out of a passion to capture and share true African luxury. Leveraging on e-commerce opportunities presented by the continent’s burgeoning mobile tech industry, AFI Privé is carving a niche for itself as Africa’s premier fashion curator and retailer with a global reach.

Officially launched during Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in March 2015, AFI Privé’s focus on  beauty, heritage, and quality has led to an impressive lineup of African designers and brands, including Christie Brown, Duaba Serwa (Ghana), Pichulik, Thula Sindi (South Africa), and Taibo Bacar (Mozambique). The company envisions expanding its reach in fulfillment of its core mission:


“We are all about providing access to designers and customers,
connecting both ends of the puzzle.” – AFI Privé Manager Randa Adechoubou


AFI Privé offers not just an exciting curation of established and emerging African designers and brands, accessible worldwide,  but also invites you to partake in a “first-class style voyage”:

  • Looking for [insert African country]-inspired style tips & fashion trend insights? AFI Privé’s newsletter & weekly online trunk shows have you covered.
  • Want to indulge in cross-country designs and brands? Look no further than AFI Privé’s one-stop personalized shopping.
  • In need of some styling expertise? Invite AFI Privé to step into your closet.
  • African designer ready to take on the world? Stock with AFI Privé.


Style, they say, is eternal; and according to Adechoubou AFI Privé is in it for the long haul:

“We believe in, value and support these brands and we hope the world takes time to pay attention and realize that African creativity and talent is well alive…At the end of the day, supporting fashion is all about supporting businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s more than fashion.”


Credit: AFI Privé


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