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We’re always on the lookout for interesting sounds from African artistes. Add a layer of consciousness and we’re sold! That’s precisely what today’s Mosaic feature Delasi offers in his second single off his upcoming premier album Thought Journey. Produced by Japanese producer Junknuts,  “Why” explores the current global turmoil in what sometimes seems to be a “world gone cuckoo”, with references to the ongoing Ebola outbreak, cyber monitoring, the bizarre Malaysia air disappearances and the recent spate of what many consider to be racially-infuenced shootings in the US (Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown).


Biological weapons in the air, in our food – identical
Infatuation with murder
GPS tracks your phone every hour
Do planes disappear into another dimension of time?
Nothing really adds up
World gone cuckoo
Keep your head up, show what you made of!


A man of multiple talents, including poetry, illustration, playwriting and acting, Delasi descibes his music as “political” and prone to talking about “societal issues from the poverty stricken in society to the corrupt governments not doing their jobs.” He has performed at the Ehalakasa Talk Party, Alliance Francaise, Dubois Center,Nubuke Foundation, Goethe Institute and Chale Wote Street Arts Festival.  Known for his signature “fusion of R&B, Soul and Hip-hop”, the Nairobi-based Ghanaian artiste hints at new ventures into afro-beat, dubstep and pop. If his lyrics to Why are anything to go by, his debut with Thought Journey promises to be quite the philosophical affair.


Why do we treat each other with so much hatred?
We were born naked,
Yet we quick to cover how we truly feel inside?
Rise to the occasion
Be the change you wanna see
Spread love; let’s live in harmony


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