We’ve been waiting for the official release of  Efya’s debut album “Love Genesis” for what seems like eternity. In the meantime, she teases and invites us with hints of what’s to come, and when she finally delivers, boy does she deliver!


Check out the official video to “Life” the first single off “Love Genesis”, slated for launch in late December. Don’t forget to download her T.I.N.T. (This Is Not The Album) mixtape – which includes notables like her Falou cover, Best in Me, Little Things, and Getaway – as well as her Soundcloud stream. With no further ado, “Life” by Efya – The official video:


“Listen to me clearly; breaking it down for you… comes from within…
I believe that you will achieve, if you should perceive all the things that you want
Wait a minute, stop. Take a minute, please. Wait a minute, stop…
It takes some time to get to the top; make up your mind to never, ever stop.
No one said it would be easy…this is my life.”


Interact with Efya:  Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, Reverbnation

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