One of the coolest things about Circumspecte? You, the reader. It’s always lovely to discover, meet and interact with the people who, for one reason or another, visit Circumspecte. Some come, take a look around and move on. Others wander around, find something they are drawn to and then check back once in a while. And then there are the consistent ones; those who really and truly partake in the Circumspecte experience, whose names remain etched on these walkways and who, quite honestly, are part of the reason Circumspecte thrives.


One of such persons is Clifford Nkansah. Clifford and I “met” on December 9, 2009 when he submitted a sketch for an art collective project I was collaborating on (email archive comes in handy!).  While we didn’t end up publishing his piece, we stayed in touch – thanks largely to his efforts – he’s always been one to send a note of encouragement and ask how Circumspecte, my day is going. Over the course of the almost-five years  we’ve known each other, he has shared a bit of what he is passionate about – art, drawing, painting. And that folks is the best part when it comes to Circumspecte’s readership: getting a glimpse of the talent and pure awesomeness that is all of you.

Cliff recently shared a digital recreation of one of my photos with me and proceeded to share an entire collection of his works. I, in turn, would like to share them with you. His “subject matter” for this collection seems to be  the African woman. While Cliff has given me the mandate to select which of his illustrations “fit your blog”, I have decided to leave them unedited. Why? They capture the numerous dimensions of the African or Black woman. Unapologetic.

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” ― Pablo Picasso


Ladies and gentlemen, Clifford Nkansah:




Art by Clifford Nkansah.

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  1. Patrick Kwesi Gyimah Reply

    Nice work. Big ups Clifford…….great work man. Art shows the morden nature of an African woman.

  2. frederick ansong-ntiri Reply

    Nice work Clifford. You have still kept the desire and love for art burning. Keep it up man!!

  3. I need your number because I need some illustrations

    • Please contact the illustrator (Clifford) using any of the social media links at the end of the article, thanks.

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