I’ve always been fascinated with landscapes; there’s nothing like capturing a good sunset, sunrise, bird in flight, cloud patterns, wave crashing against the shore – against the backdrop of life. It gives perspective – about how small we are, yet at the same time, how important. Makes you wonder what one could see if we detached from our immediate circumstances, challenges, and looked at the grand scheme of things. Captured these images with the iPhone Camera “Pano” function. Landscapes & Backdrops of Life. The Big(ger) Picture. Enjoy!


Light show – RafRaf Beach, Tunisia, 23.08.14


Family Day at the Beach – RafRaf Beach, Tunisia, 23.08.14

Innovation – Business District, Kigali, Rwanda. 27.05.14


Highway over looking Mediterranean – Korbous, Tunisia, 17.08.14


Fishing Boats & Sapphire Seas – La Lagune, Ile de Djerba, Tunisia, 28.07.14


Maison des Invitées – Dar Dhiafa, Ile de Djerba, Tunisia, 28.07.14.


Waiting on Art – Musée D’Orsay, Paris, France. 14.06.14


Mountain views – Tunis, Tunisia. 09.08.14


Drums & Mbalax – Youssou N’Dour Concert, Carthage, Tunisia. 01.08.14


Streetlights in the Dark – Kigali, Rwanda. 27.05.14



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