Going with the theme of “Gratitude”, I came across Cwesi Oteng’s “Count Your Blessings” video which was released in December 2013. I am simply awe struck. Had to watch the video twice over, because I literally broke down in tears at different points of the video. The words capture much and make me appreciate just how far Allah has brought me, how much He blesses, protects, and how much I sometimes forget:

“See the things you do, dey blow my mind o and the way you do them things you do, I dey wonder why you love me so.

Count my blessings, name them one by one

You’ve been so good, I will not forget (3x)

You’ve been my lawyer, keeper, shelter, provider, healer, helper – God, I will not forget.”


That said, this is not my first time encountering Cwesi Oteng. I think I first got to know about him sometime last year when I saw “God Dey Bless Me” – which I featured here  – and  “I Win”. Since then, I’ve been a fan. His lyrics are simple and profound, and his videos are creative and current (Cudos to Pascal Aka!). I guess he falls into the contemporary Christian/gospel music genre.


What I appreciate the most about his music is that it’s relatable and universal; regardless of whether you’re a Christian, Muslim like me or of some other (non)faith, I’m willing to bet you’ll find it uplifting. Finally, he seems to be pushing the boundaries on the gospel, spiritual, praise music scene in Ghana – along with the likes of Paapa and Sonnie Badu – with a youthful feel, some pidgen, the choir element and a lot of spunk (those drums!).


Alors, if you’re taking the Gratitude Journal challenge and looking for uplifting, positive music to remind you just how blessed you are, make sure Cwesi Oteng is on your playlist. He’s definitely on mine! Enjoy!



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