It’s the month of May! I should be working on my capstone paper, but I couldn’t resist sharing two pieces of good news I came across. The first is energy-related and the second is maternal health related.

If you read my “Living in Darkness” open letter to President Mahama you probably noticed a subtle plea that he become the courageous president to tackle Ghana’s energy issues. Well, from what I hear there is still intermittent power supply BUT things are in the works. From all indications it seems President Mahama has made this a priority and I’m considering reserving the title “energy presido” for him IF he continues on this trajectory :)

So, the first bit of good news? Ghana commissioned its first solar energy plant in Navrongo, Upper East region! Finally, we are putting our abundance of hot sun to use! Take a look at a photo of the solar plant below. The plant is expected to generate two megawatts worth of energy and expects to become the second largest in Africa. Needless to say, I’m sure this is good news not just for average Ghanaians but also for businesses, investors, and so on. Let’s hope things work out as planned.

Also, it seems  Bui Dam is generating power as it was recently inaugurated by President Mahama. A Chinese-funded hydro-electricity project, the Dam is expected to produce 133 megawatts worth of electricity. Of course, it was former President Kuffuor and his government who jump started the project, so credit must be given to them as well for the foresight! (Although I can’t help but wonder what Ghana had to give up for this deal :P). Just goes to show how much can be accomplished when there’s continuity and collaboration between governments! Can you imagine this light off business continuing indefinitely without these expected sources of energy?

Photo Credit: US Embassy Ghana (Twitter)

Photo Credit:

To the second bit of good news. I’d recently read a Guardian article about the Maternal Health Channel (MHC) in Ghana which is using film to educate and address materal health issues in Ghana. I think it’s an awesome pursuit and a good example of the kind of role communications and media can play in fostering awareness and development. A friend shared one of their videos with me, I haven’t watched the entire thing – I’m studying, remember :P – but from the snippet, it looks very well done. Head over to MHC’s Vimeo page to watch the video and check out their Facebook page too! Don’t forget to share the good news too! Till the next!

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