I happened to come across this blog I wrote on my 24th birthday and guess what I found? One of my favorite Paulo Coelho pieces. Figured it makes for great reminding. Take a peek, and have a blessed weekend!

I was out walking one day in São Paulo, when a friend – Edinho – handed me a pamphlet entitled Sacred Moment. Printed in four colours, on excellent paper, with no mention of any particular church or religion, this pamphlet bore only a prayer on its reverse side. Imagine my surprise when I saw the name of the author of this prayer – ME! It had been published in the early eighties on the inside cover of a book of poetry. I did not think it would stand the test of time, nor that it would return to my hands in such a mysterious way; but when I re-read it, I did not feel ashamed of what I had written. Because it appeared in that pamphlet and because I believe in signs, I felt it only right to reproduce it here. I hope it encourages every reader to write a prayer of their own, asking for themselves and for others the things that they judge to be most important. That way we place a positive vibration in our heart which touches
everything around us. Here is the prayer:


Lord, protect our doubts, because Doubt is a way of praying. It is Doubt that
makes us grow because it forces us to look fearlessly at the many answers that exist to
one question. And in order for this to be possible…


Lord, protect our decisions, because making Decisions is a way of praying.
Give us the courage, after our doubts, to be able to choose between one road and
another. May our YES always be a YES and our NO always be a NO. Once we have
chosen our road, may we never look back nor allow our soul to be eaten away by
remorse. And in order for this to be possible…


Lord, protect our actions, because Action is a way of praying. May our daily
bread be the result of the very best that we carry within us. May we, through work
and Action, share a little of the love we receive. And in order for this to be possible…


Lord, protect our dreams, because to Dream is a way of praying. Make sure
that, regardless of our age or our circumstances, we are capable of keeping alight in
our heart the sacred flame of hope and perseverance. And in order for this to be


Lord, give us enthusiasm, because Enthusiasm is a way of praying. It is what
binds us to the Heavens and to Earth, to grown-ups and to children, it is what tells us
that our desires are important and deserve our best efforts. It is Enthusiasm that
reaffirms to us that everything is possible, as long as we are totally committed to what
we are doing. And in order for this to be possible…


Lord, protect us, because Life is the only way we have of making manifest
Your miracle. May the earth continue to transform seeds into wheat, may we continue
to transmute wheat into bread. And this is only possible if we have Love; therefore,
do not leave us in solitude. Always give us Your company, and the company of men
and women who have doubts, who act and dream and feel enthusiasm, and who live
each day as if it were totally dedicated to Your glory.




– Paulo Coelho

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