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I haven’t posted since Circumspecte won the BlogCamp Award; first because I was too jittery with excitement to really function or write anything comprehensive, and secondly because life events – aka school, spring allergies – took over. Maintenant, I’m still in school mode and inshAllah, will be wrapping up my graduate degree program at SAIS in less than a month! Sadly,  that means I probably won’t be blogging till that degree is signed, sealed and delivered. But then we have the whole summer to catch up! That said, I created the official Circumspecte Twitter page :)

Right now it’s all papers a-flurry and non-stop multitasking tryna get all my assignments done, but I did go to a Sino-Africa happy hour this evening and got to talk to a bunch of interesting people, including Winslow who reached out to me on Twitter about the event after I tweeted a bunch of insights on China-Africa relations during my Trade and African Development class last week. Turns out Winslow spent part of his childhood in Ghana and Nigeria, and had just had a go at kenkey and fish before my classmates and I arrived at Bukom Café for the event.

I also met Cortland who’s from Chicago and works in DC. Turns out he’s been following Circumspecte for TWO YEARS and – get this – he found out about Azonto through my 2×4 Azonto performance at the end of my “10 things you didn’t know about Circumspecte” video. Now, he’s learning the dance and also listening to GH and Naija musicians like WizKid! I guess this might qualify as an I Made Ghana Better Today #IMGBT entry, abi Mr. Mighty African?

Anyway, I was really touched by Cortland’s kind words. As he said, don’t underestimate the power or opportunity you might have to influence someone. Use what you have. Thanks for the reminder Cortland!

Bon, I have to go tell the US government how best to spend it’s development money again (policy memo on education in Africa). InshAllah, the next time I write to you all, I’ll be done with exams and on my way to graduation! Oooh, btw Christiane Amanpour is our commencement speaker, how cool is that?!

Aight, till the next, please stay safe people – as much as you can – the world is crazier than we think. RIP to the Boston Marathon, Nigeria, China, Texas, Syria – gosh, so many! – RIP to all the world’s victims in this very harsh month of April. May May bring with it more life and joy. Stay blessed!

P.S. If you are in Accra, BarCamp Kasoa is happening this weekend! As always, its FREE. Details here. 


  1. Love how you were inspired to blog about this tonight.
    Does your blog have a time zone of GMT? Cos the post says Friday while I know its still Thursday at Bukom cafe lol.

    U meeting Cortland put ur blog in circumspective hehe. Really nice! You did make Ghana better today :-)

  2. Lol @MightyAfrican, thanks. The date on the blog is April 25. It says Apr 26 cos YOU are in GMT haha. Unless it's showing diff things in diff timezones. Yay, I made Ghana better today haha!

  3. I really wanted the opposite to be true. Lets just say you have already made Ghana better tomorrow lol since Ghana don enter tomorrow finish. Hehe

  4. Cortland Bradford Reply

    You definitely made Ghana better but more importantly you made the world better because someone (myself) is now more enlightened than they were before.

  5. Cortland Bradford Reply

    Its about putting someone on the path to educating themselves. In life, many times we do not know our own blind spots. We don't know what we don't know or need to learn more about. In this case, music is simply one aspect of Ghanaian culture for me to explore.

    P.S. I have since moved on to more complex versions of the Azonto dance. I watched the dances at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qhJXro0QZ4

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