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Dear Fellow Ghanaian,

So you probably heard about the GhanaDecides and iRegistered campaigns that BloggingGhana launched recently in partnership with STAR-Ghana. No? Well, you best get acquainted quick! It’s the hottest thing in town,even Mashable.com picked up on it. Good thing I’m here to give you all the juicy details and some :)

With the world gradually accepting the fact that tweets, hashtag events and Facebook are here to stay, many have found interesting and innovative ways to use social media, even in the political arena. The Obama ’08 Presidential campaign, the Arab Spring and Senegal’s #sunu2012 movement and elections are but some of the many ways that social media has contributed to political change. Now it’s Ghana’s turn.

Come December 2012, Ghana will either elect a new leader or turn the page with a re-elected President Mills. What happens before then? That’s where the GhanaDecides – A BloGH Election Project comes in. That’s also where YOU come in. GhanaDecides is a non-partisan project by BloggingGhana – a community of bloggers who blog on/about/from Ghana – that aims to encourage informed youth participation in the 2012 Ghana Election. How exactly? Have you been following anything I’ve said so far :P?  Through social media, of course :)

“The GhanaDecides project aims to use the internet to promote responsible election participation and conduct as well as introduce social media to first-time users.”

So what has that got to do with you? Well, come December 2012, your vote will be your power. Don’t underestimate that power. Sure, the options in presidential candidates might not be what you consider the best, but your participation in this election sets the pace for strengthened democracy in our motherland Ghana, and in due time, will ensure that only the best, most dedicated candidates make it on the ballot paper. It’s about time we Ghanaians and Africans start thinking long term gains and here’s your opportunity to set that in motion.

Alora, how to get involved? Three simple steps.

1. Get informed.

 If you would like to stay informed on how election preparation, biometric registration and so on are going, simply sign up for updates from GhanaDecides on Twitter (@GhanaDecides ), Facebook, or YouTube (yes, there are videos and much more planned!). You can also read election-related blogs on the GhanaDecides Official Site. No longer do you have to go scouring websites for Ghana Election related information. Everything at your finger tips :) And of course, going w/ the whole social media mentality, you gotta share!!

2. Gain #iRegistered Status

Are you a Ghanaian citizen? Are you 18+? Then, you’re most likely eligible to vote, and that’s where the GhanaDecides #iRegistered campaign comes in. You’ve probably heard that Ghana is using biometric registration for the first time. Well, our latest foray is costing us a ton, so we better make use of it. Sure, sure, there will be long lines and maybe a little confusion here and there, but guess what? At the end of it all, you not only take a huge step in contributing towards Ghana’s development, but also gain iRegistered status!

Here’s how:

  • Find out about biometric registration, which is your closest station etc. This should be easy if you already followed Step 1. I’m just saying ;)
  • Go and register. Once you register, take a photo of yourself and your new voting card and post to Twitter/Facebook with the hashtag #iRegistered (You can also submit pix of you waiting in-line etc)
  • Got your iRegistered bragging rights? Great. Now its your turn to get your family and friends to register too!

Simple, init ;)?

3. Join the Movement 

First GhanaDecides Tweetup in Accra

Volunteer: After all this, some of you might be feeling more patriotic than usual. Perfect! GhanaDecides is on the lookout for volunteers. There are a ton of great events planned and you could help out. Simply email the team: info(AT)ghanadecides.com

Get Social Media Training: Like this whole social media thing? Well, register to attend BlogCamp Ghana or a BarCamp Ghana event near you and you will be trained in how to use social media for citizen journalism and activism. With these additional skills there’s no way you wouldn’t make it in as a GhanaDecides volunteer!

Join the Conversation: Want to share insights with other Ghana conscious people? Look out for reports of TweetUps, Facebook Meetups and what have you. The premier Accra Tweetup went great, there’s no way we’re stopping now! If you’re currently abroad and want to get involved, send me a note at j.abdulai (AT) circumspecte.com Also, kindly complete this survey on the Ghana 2012 elections and Ghanaians in the Diaspora

Bon, you’ve got all the scoop now. Are you still here? Go follow @GhanaDecides, register, volunteer. OR if you’re still looking for more insight, take a peek at these pics and video from GhanaDecides :) Looking forward to seeing your #iRegistered photo on a timeline somewhere! Enjoy!

Photos Credit: GhanaDecides

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