“For the spirit of Christmas
fulfills the greatest hunger of mankind.”
  – Loring A. Schuler

It’s about that time of year when we reflect on everything that happened or did not happen and take stock of where we might be in relation to our goals, dreams, growth etc. If you’re one who makes new year resolutions – and even if you’re not – and still have “make a difference” on your list, then you might want to check out Project Drive-By – a non-profit initiative by LifestylzGH and feedForever which aims to spread the love and good cheer this Christmas season. Other sponsors include iStandAbove, TicketGhana.com, REACH Ghana, Heel the World, DailyGuideGhana.com.

The project is exactly what its name says: driving by less fortunate areas of Accra to provide a meal or two to an estimated 300-400 people, while sharing some good times and ushering in the new year as one. In the spirit of the season, I couldn’t have come up with a better idea. So, while you’re munching on all those tasty  foods, opening presents, and sampling delicacies from the numerous Christmas hampers you might have gotten, take a day off and spread some love and good cheer. Event details below, Happy Holidays All!

Date: December 31, 2011
Time: 9am
Meeting Point: Labone Coffee Shop
Venue: Point A & B (TBA) in convoy
Sign up via the Facebook event page: http://bit.ly/w4jxRn

Questions? Want to Donate/Volunteer? 
Contact: feed@feedforever.org or lsg@lifestylzgh.com

Project Drive-By (PDB) 2011

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