Why have you deserted me?

You mean why have you deserted you?

No, I mean you abandoning me.

I didn’t. You did.

Why does this conversation sound so familiar?

Because we’ve had it many times before.(See here) Honestly, I’ve lost count how many.

So you see, you keep deserting me. Where’d you pick up such a nasty habit?

Where’d you learn to lie?

And now she calls me a liar. Great.

Well, what would you call trading in your own essence, dreams, beliefs, [insert whatever else], for an impression of who or what you should be?

Acting? No, I got it: impressionism?

Very funny. I’m not laughing.

Okay, so maybe I took a slight detour on the road to…wait, where was I heading again?

I see we might have a slight case of amnesia as well.

Very funny. I’m not laughing either.

Well at least we agree on something.

Yeah, so back to the question. Why have you deserted me?

I’m right here aren’t I?

Yes. But only because I asked.

Exactly. I never left. You never asked. or rather, you stopped asking the moment you thought you’d mapped out the grand plan.

I got on the high horse again, didn’t I?

Sure did.

Damn, not again.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You got caught up in the euphoria of the moment and never came down. Big deal. Everyone does that from time to time.

I guess. So, what now?

I think you already know.

Fine, I’ll drop the act, I’ll cut the crap, now what?

What did you learn?

Sorry, but did I sign myself up to a college course without realizing?

Funny. Jokes on you. While you were off playing host to everyone’s suggestions on what you should be doing, who you should be being and how you should be living (your life if I might add), what did you learn along the way?

That it’s possible to lose myself?

Go on..

That skipping out just as I’m at the juncture of realizing a dream or finally getting it, doesn’t earn me brownie points for trying?

Hmm, that’s a good one. I’ll have to add that to my repertoire.

And, I guess also that the longer I abandon my mission, my dream, my passion, the longer I will be deserted; away from my internal fountain of life?

Bingo! You just hit the jackpot. Unfortunately the global recession is still on, so there’ll be no cash prize. Just a re-cognition of who you are.

Bon, so what now?

Well, first of all… Take off that hideous wig, shall we? It’s most unbecoming of you. And I mean that literally.

LOL. Done.

Perfecto. Now, let’s walk. Together, hand-in-hand. And if at any point  you feel my fingers slip away, rest secure in the knowledge that I’m mere steps behind you, egging you on. And all you have to do is call.

Riing, rring

Whatever are you calling me for?

Nothing. Just making sure the lines are open.

For you my dear, always.

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