This is my first attempt at a blog since returning to Ghana a week ago. I say first attempt because I’m test driving Airtel’s (formerly Zain — I know, I can barely keep up with the updates myself) internet modem. I’m treading carefully. In my room I was on a 2G network, moved to the dining table and it got really slow before kicking up the gear to 3G. That was such a beautiful zone; totally breezy. We’re back to 2G though. Something tells me this will be a bumpy ride.

Come to think of it, this net connection is reminiscent of my time here so far. There are high moods and low, happy moments at returning, and sad at leaving Senegal (and the amazing internet there!), same ol’ same ol’ typical phase one culture shock (or in this case re-immersion) symptoms. But no worries, there’ll be time to tell about my Senegal experience. So yeah, this post is mainly to let you know that I am alive and well, Alhamdulilahi, and that Circumspect is back home where it belongs. No, not the internet (told you the connection is suspect)…. Ghana, West Africa!

Also, if you didn’t already hear from Facebook or Twitter, Circumspect won the “Best Ghana Blog 2011” Tripbase Award! Got the email on March 31st, but unfortunately – with packing and all – didn’t have a chance to commemorate the occasion. In addition to Circumspect, some other amazing GH blogs were recognized with travel blog awards. Its quite an honor to be featured as a Tripbase Award Winner, in such great company! You can find a full list of the GH winners (and those for other countries and categories) on the Tripbase Awards Site.

Bon, its past midnight here and we’re still riding 2G. Hopefully I’ll find at least one spot around the house where its 3G all day every day and then we can get more of this blog-living going! Until then, a la prochaine!

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