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Hope all’s well. Okay, so this is just a quick note to alert you guys on two things. First – the TED Talks – which is basically a series of forums where leaders or innovators in various sectors share their work, passion, opinions etc. And second – Ghana’s newly launched FIRST online electronic library.

TED Talks: Ideas Worth Spreading
I’ve made reference to many TED videos here on Circumspect, but I realized I never actually dedicated a single post to it. Essentially, the TED talks have people from all walks of life and professions – art, science, language, culture, politics, food, health, and what-have you – coming together to share their passion, their life experiences, their ideas for a better world and so on. The talks happen all over the world, so there’s been TED London or TED Toronto and so on, and also, sometimes focuses on specific themes like TEDxYouth or TED Women. The GREAT thing about it is everything is available online AND you can download the videos for free onto your itunes. Alors, what other excuse do you need? Do go check out the TED website and go back from time to time cos you never which individual out there is gonna say/do/show something on a TED video that which end up influencing your very life. I’m already planning on a TED binge soon ;)

Positivity in Action: Counting Your Blessings
Some days ago I decided to go check out the website to see what new stuff they have and I came across this video which totally made my day. It’s basically a talk by Neil Parischa on counting one’s blessings and keeping positive especially in tough times. He started a blog called “1000 Awesome Things” to do exactly that when he had some personal challenges and guess what? That blog ended up earning the “Best Blog in the World” award. The blog entries were then compiled into “The Book of Awesome” which then made #1 on the International Best Seller List for 30 weeks. Since 2011 is the year of positivity, I just had to put that on here (See below), also check out the blog. I promise, there’s bound to be something there that will have you smiling or saying “Eureka!” :)

Ghana’s First Electronic Library
So, on Wednesday I was purusing my Facebook newsfeed and came the following post by George Attah-Boateng: 

“Hurray!!!!www.ghanalibrary.com, Ghana’s first electronic library will officially start operations on 20th January, 2011. Buy your access card from any porters lodge, supermarket, filling station, in Ghana and enjoy over 500,000 academic textbooks on all subjects- Law, Medicine, Business and economics, humanities,IT,Science, literature, etc. You can print, copy or download the books on your pendrive or PC.”

Knowing what a total sucker I am for anything GH- info-sharing/research related, I went to check out the site and its real! I am SO elated! Why? Because it’s a huge step in the right direction. US students have databases like Jstor to share and access research and education resources, but Ghana, not so much! With everything going online these days it means quicker, easier access to relevant and RECENT information in our various fields, and I’m guessing that could only be a good thing. Gonna find out more information on this initiative and get back to all of you. In the meantime,  if you’re a student in GH, I guess you can go right ahead and subscribe :) (Also, let us know how it goes).

Aight peeps, that’s it for now. Have a beautiful day and please share interesting stuff you come across :) Remember, sharing is caring! Bisous!


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