If only for the euphoria of picking myself up.
Of putting back the pieces and dusting off the past.
If only for the chance of the faintest sliver of hope in the darkest of hours.
To be able to say, “That was then. This is now.”
For just the weightless air in my lungs, I’d risk a million falls.

For looking back and seeing growth littered all over my path.
For the opportunity to triumphantly declare, “I have overcome.”
To wake up one day and know without a doubt: everything’s gonna be just fine.
Or wiping that final tear and staring challenge defiantly in the face
For naught more than the beat of my heart, I’d risk a million falls.

For that larger than life experience.
Of stepping outside my mind; observing from the universe’s eye.
Of watching as the pieces fall effortlessly into place.
To welcome myself into the silent recesses of my soul.
For the dawn of understanding about my vulnerability and insignificance, I’d risk a million falls.

To be able to find and sustain my rhythm after wandering confused through time and space.
For excitement coursing through the fiber of my being, at recognizing myself in others,
Of instinctively knowing “This is who I’m meant to be, this is what I was born to do.”
To go through the trials and mistakes, weary and hurting, then finally coming home where I belong.
For a second of a dream realized, I’d risk a million falls.

To find laughter in a flood of tears, for that pulsating warmth from my very core,
For realizing a split-second later that that joy is all ‘cos of ME!
Of understanding my foibles and embracing my quirks,
To be able to predict my actions, yet surprise myself beyond comprehension.
For the indescribable blessing of loving myself, I’d risk a million falls.

For endless opportunities to experience gratitude.
And failing to conclude each time I embark on counting my blessings
To hear that voice from the midst of nowhere: “You’re here. Now. That’s more than enough.”
And feeling peace descend right after that
To encounter daily reminders of things to be thankful for, I’d risk a million falls.

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