This is a piece that found me in the dead of night (3am). Originally typed it on my phone, and wonder of wonders, my screen froze and I lost the original. I have tried my best to recapture what I remember of the original piece, although, knowing what that one was, I doubt this comes close. All the same, enjoy, and do share your thoughts :)

Atypical Love Affair

It starts quite innocently, as most love affairs do. A spoken word here, a stolen glance there, a shiver down the spine. It starts with the simple mention of a name, but it’s the mysterious undertones – the whos, whats, wheres, hows and whys – those are what send you spiraling forth. No turning back, drawn in under the spell, you hold your breath to relive it one more time. Burning desire coursing through your soul, exhale suspended long after the moment unfolds.

It awakens, like most love affairs do. A fluttering of lips against skin, eyes locked in duel, palm in hand. Yet even after the winds tamper those imprints, you continue to drink from the embellished cup. Bittersweet, each satisfying sip propels you gradually closer to the end.

It grows, as most love affairs do. Souls peering upon one another, bit by bit, layers stripped away. In uncomfortable vulnerability, you share your all. Discovering horizons, learning anew, the entire while birthing fresh worlds from within. Truth be told, you were never not meant to be. Destiny had called right from the start.

It is challenged, as most love affairs are. Within and without, semi-poisonous-innocuous arrowheads eerily close to the heart. Breakups, make-ups, loyalties lost and gained. Battling it out till the very end, you against your very world.

And finally, like most love affairs eventually do, it comes to a halting end.  Fitful nights of insomnia, you, achingly alive.  Staring yourself down, soul naked before your eyes. Growth, change, truth, dreams.  Legacies built upon not giving in.

Yet, despite all the similitude, it never is a simple love affair. Write it on paper, capture it on film, break it down, build it up. Whatever you do, there’s always that something left unseen. Live by the rules, swim against the tide, nothing could have ever prepared you for this. Looking back or all around, you see that there’s nothing vaguely typical about life.

With all your expectations, with all your hopes, with all your ideas of who you are, it takes one look at you and then… PAM!…door slams right in your face. Certain you’re betrayed, wandering around lost in the cold, one sunny day, lo and behold, there you stand, chancing upon your soul.

Pool of clarity clouding your sight, you sit there and take it in with all your might. All you ever were, all you ever are, all you ever could be, it’s all there, no lies. Then, somewhere, someway, somehow, sometime, a trick of fate occurs. A spoken word here, a stolen glance there, a flutter down the spine. Creeping upon you, as most love affairs do…

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