See the smirk on his face? He thinks he’s sitting pretty.
Anyway, that’s the one I got. (Finally!)

So its been a while since I wrote on here, but by no means does that mean there isn’t much to tell. If you’re interested in knowing how Ramadan has been for me in Senegal, hop on over to Circumspect (my other – and main – website) for all the 411. (You know it just hit me that 411 = information because that’s the number you dial when you want info? Lmao. How slow can one be? All these years…)

Anyway! Remember one of my very first posts here in Senegal? Yea, that was a good… 2 months and some ago. Well. Guess who was spotted on the upper Dakar side late after Iftar this evening? Dettol. Not just a bottle of dettol, but an entire family! What would you know? I searched high and low for this elusive fella. Every ’boutique’ I entered, I automatically scanned the shelves for dettol. Forget whether such a shop would carry disinfectants or not, I was desperate. At some point -I can’t really remember when – I just stopped looking.

Tell me how today (GH English, people!) my roomie and I went to pick up our newly tailored outfits for ‘korite’ (Eid-ul-Fitr! Woot Woot!) and we stopped by a shop ‘cos she needed to get some ananas (tinned pineapples) – the shopkeeper heard ‘un nana’ which is a female sanitary product. LMAO, language can be such a comedy show sometimes! – and right there, smack on the shelf, looking very proud of himself was a bottle of Dettol! Well, I won’t go into details about what he and his family looked like or what my reaction was, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Then we discovered there’s a GREEN one? Dettol going green? Geez, climate change is really happening init?
And wonder of wonders, they have bath gel/wash too! There’s an actual line of dettol products in Senegal?! Sure fooled me lol.
Bar Soap too! Tsk, tsk!

Where and how did we find all these? Turns out the lil marche we went to is one of the most frequented in Dakar since it tends to have products nobody else does. I def know where I’ll be starting my whatever search next time.

So there you have it! And the morale of the story is this – What you constantly look out for constantly eludes you. Pay it no mind and it comes a-knocking….and brings an entire family of options with it! Nuff said, after 2 months, the dettol search is over! And the irony of the situation is, we’re leaving ZM soon for DK. Oh, I think I forgot to mention that. Anyway, that’s another tale altogether. Time check: 1:15am.  Buenos Noches my friends!

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