How do you know when you have acquired the GH state of mind prior to departure? Simple. When your dreams start involving people and places in Ghana you haven’t seen in ages, or have never even seen in real life, just via word of mouth or Facebook photos.

Two nights in a row, I have dreamt about Ghana. The first night involved persons who, in real life, I’d rather keep away from the perimeter of my being, but which, as you have it, have proven to be as meddlesome/officious (oosh, for me, GRE word!) as always and unceremoniously invited themselves into my dream. You know those people who you know you don’t like but are nice to for propriety’s sake? Yeah, exactly those. Makes me wonder if I should classify that dream as a nightmare instead.

The second night, I dreamt about the Accra Mall. The ‘raison d’etre’ of Ghana’s youth these days, from what I hear. And no, I’ve never been there. Never even seen the thing in real life. But my dream featured intricate details of the hallways with its glossy floors and window showcases of overly expensive items. I’ll take that one as being a harbinger (another GRE word. I’m on a roll! lol) of the need to ensure I won’t have to purchase anything from those extravagant shops. I am just a student in transition after all, aren’t I? Not that the status exempts me from fulfilling the responsibilities of someone who has just returned from abrokyiri. But anyway, that’s for another time.

Other indications of a GH state of mind include:
– Buying okro from the grocery shop when you know you don’t have the accouchements for Banku and okro stew. You just want something familiar.
– Wearing boubous in the house and to work. Heck, wearing all your GH wear every chance you get
-Listening to Wanlov Kubolor , Sarkodie and co. to get back into the rhythm of things
– Practicing Twi, Dagabni and pidgin every chance you get. Well, the little you know.

Speaking of GH clothes, I’m thinking I really want to immerse myself in the current trend of using African print for modern wear. So, where should I be looking? How much does cloth cost these days? Any suggestions on seamstresses and tailors to peruse? What kind of designs should I think about? I know you peeps have all the 411, kakyer3 me y! Until next time, it’s goodbye from Tikulma! (Haha, I can’t wait for all that Ghana English!!!)

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