It’s 1:00am and I’m still up. I can’t sleep, can’t concentrate on my studying (smart me scheduled my GRE right before my trip) and it’s been like this the entire week! I’ll be sitting at my computer working on an article and my mind wanders off…to Ghana! Then my heart’s a-racing and palms are a-sweating – not very helpful on a small keyboard – and all I can do is think about all the Ghanaian food I intend to indulge in once I return, inshallah.

Wele (soft or hard, at this point I want it ALL), waakye (rice and beans) with the usual accouterments, banku with okro soup made from palm oil (not the healthiest option but replacing that olive oil for a bit won’t hurt, will it?), and how can I forget that fufu (pounded yam) with goat light soup! Ah! And hausa koko (porridge). Maan! I’m telling you, all this working out is for one thing and one thing only: so when I finally ‘drop’ I can eat without my conscience nagging at me. Hw3, me wo plans keke! Lol.

Any other foods to put on the menu? I hear tsoofi (turkey butt hehe) is being taken off the market, is that true? What about Ghana – or your home country – makes your thoughts wander even in the most “serious” situations?

Ok, I’m gonna go to bed and dream about all that deliciousness. Sigh. Night night.

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Ananse Web

Hehe. W'ani abere paaa!! This blog will be fun to follow. Dun forget ur camera when coming.


I am soooo loooking forward to perusing this blog regularly!!!! Tikulma!!!

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